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10 Celebrities That Had Been Involved in Worst Car Crashed

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Car Accident Protection

Car accident can happen to anyone. Therefore, finding car insurance quotes is important thing to do.

That way, you will have best protection for your car and yourself.

It worked on everyone, including celebrities.

In fact, they use the best protection by also having car accident lawyer that can help them whenever they have car accident. And speaking about car accident that involves celebrities, there were 10 that can be considered to be the worst one in these past years.

Fortunately, they also have that can car accident attorney help them to get out from this problem.

1. Will Ferrell

In April, Will Ferrell was involved in accident that makes his SUV damaged really badly. Ferrell itself started to known by public after he starred popular TV show, Saturday Night Live.

After that, he got many offers and played on many movies, which mostly comedy movies.

The accident itself happened on Interstate 5. Ferrell’s black SUV hit other car and flip over on the road.

His car was totally wrecked, and we believe he will need to get car insurance quotes, if he want to recover the car condition.

After the accident, the paramedic got him out from his wrecked car, and took him with stretcher to ambulance. According to Ferrell’s car accident lawyer, Ferrell doesn’t get any serious injuries. He has been released from hospital.

2. Jessica Falkholt

Jessica is known from Home and Away series as Hope Morrison.

She played as this character on 16 episodes of this drama series in 2016.

Unfortunately, one year after her popular drama series finished, she got involved in car accident.

Her car was totally damaged, and we can see that it was beyond what car insurance quotes can repair.

And she went into comatose status and had to stay in ICU room at St. George Hospital, Sydney. After few months, this beautiful actress finally left this world.

According to her car accident lawyer, the death of Jessica wasn’t caused by the failure in her treatment.

But, it was the decision from her family to turn off her life supporting equipment.

Just 6 days after that decision was made, finally Jessica can leave this world in peace.

3. Ramona Singer

You must familiar with her on Real Housewives of New York reality show.

She starred this reality show that covers her life as housewife. And, it’s pretty successful.

But, on the road, maybe she will need best car accident lawyer.

It is because she was involved in car accident, when she drove her Maserati and hit the rear side of a Mazda.

Singer, 61, seems need to find good car insurance quotes, because her car is damaged badly.

Fortunately, because of the safety system on her car, she came out without too serious injury.

In fact, according to the witness, she seems call someone and looks troubled.

Some people guest she call her car accident lawyer to deal with this problem.

But, apparently it wasn’t like that. She call Nurit Kahane’s home and tell that she will be late to the party.

Yes, after that accident, with swollen face and minor injury, she attends the party.

Now we know that a housewife also can have fun, right?

4. Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson played on several popular movies, such as Legally Blonde, Idiocracy and other.

The youngest brother of two other Wilson, which is also an actor, Andrew Wilson and Owen Wilson, got involved in car accident.

The accident happen, when he drive his car on Chautauqua Boulevard in Pacific Palisades.

A Ferrari clipped the car that he was driven and crashed onto BMW.

Wilson’s car doesn’t get any serious damage, but the Ferrari, which is later known that Bill Haas, a professional golfer, ride it, was totaled.

Haas sit on passenger seat and his friend, Mark Gibello, drive it, and was killed in this accident.

Maybe Wilson won’t need help from car wreck lawyer.

But, for you, it’s not wrong to have the contact of the lawyer or car insurance company to prevent bad thing in the future.

car accident lawyer

5. Mac Miller

His real name is Malcolm James McCormick. He is the founder of REMember Music record.

He is also rapper, singer and producer, as well as arranger, and has successfully debut his fourth album this July, titled The Divine Feminine with “Dang!” as its main single.

He is known as the guy that pretty close with Arianna Grande.

Few months ago, Miller had of serious car accident.

His car crashed onto utility pole. The crash was really hard that make the pole knocked over.

Apparently, he was driving while drunk.

And because of this problem, police arrested him at his home.

This is where a car accident lawyer becomes important thing to have.

They will be able to help you to get out from the DUI case, which is also considered to be serious case you can have.

The G-Wagon that Miller drives was damaged.

And apparently, he doesn’t want to get auto insurance quotes, to repair this car.

In fact, he put his damaged car in an auction, which attract many fans attention and try to get his car.

This car market value is around $100k.

However, the damaged and auctioned one can be bought starting from $12k.

6. Jim Jones

Jim Jones, his real name is Joseph Guillermo Jones II, is rapper and member of hip-hop group, The Diplomats and ByrdGang.

in Harlem, he was familiar with tough life.

And apparently, it was also affected his personality.

He breaks many laws, and recently he was involved in car crash.

The car that was driven by his friend, Jones himself sat on passenger seat, crash onto the light pole.

The crash happened after he tried to escape from police check.

Apparently, there are many drugs inside his car, such as Marijuana, Percocet, THC oil and other.

Plus, police also found two pistols fully loaded.

Although Jones denied that those pistols was his, but police keep take him.

Fortunately, he has best auto accident lawyer with him.

Therefore, he can get out from this problem with paying $7,000 bail.

Yes, having lawyer as backup that will help you to deal with your car accident problem is proved to be useful. However, it doesn’t means that you can freely break the law and drive like what you want on the street.

You also need to aware that when you are behind the wheel, you need to be responsible.

But, it’s true, that know the place where you can find car accident lawyer near me is useful in tight condition.

7. Lil Scrappy

His real name is Darryl Kevin Richardson.

But, on the stage, he is well-known as Lil Scrappy. He is one of the most popular rapper and producer.

Lil Jon is the person that found his talent, when Lil Scrappy perform his routine at the bar in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2017, Lil Scrappy married Bambi Benson.

The car accident that involved this rapper happens on earlier May in Florida. Lil Scrappy drive a white Mercedes. And according to the security video on the street where this accident was happened, the Mercedes run faster and hit the pole.

The Mercedes was totally damaged.

So, Lil Scrappy drive that car with his friend, Ca$ino Roulette.

And it was fortunate, that they are survived from this accident. Although we can’t say that they get away from this accident unscratched.

Both of them have to stay in ICU for few days.

Ca$ino experienced the worst injury compared to Lil Scrappy.

He got broken ribs, bruised lungs, liver and kidney damage, and had to do 2 major surgeries to fix his intestine that was ruptured because of that accident.

Lil Scrappy has broken legs and several injuries.

It seen that he was using wheelchair, when he leave the hospital. Both of them are basically alive.

However, their relationship as friend might be has been damaged.

Ca$ino decided to sue Lil Scrappy and ask for compensation because of this accident.

This is why you must have information about car accident attorney near me.

They will help you to deal with this kind of problem.

8. Rasual Butler

Rasual Buttler can be called as an adventure during his career in NBA.

He played on many different teams, where most of them are big team, like Hornets, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls, Tulsa 66ers, Washington Wizards, San Antonio Spurs, as well as Indiana Pacers.

He married to Leah LaBelle, former American Idol, which unfortunately was also accompanying him until their death.

Butler had car accident in January 2018.

He drove Range Rover, with his wife sit on the passenger seat.

According to report, he lost control of his car because of high speed.

The car crashed the parking meters, and it didn’t stop the car.

The car keep running and finally stopped after hit the concrete wall.

The crash was so hard, which killed both of people inside that car.

The data from the autopsy process as well as toxicology check shows that there is possibility that this car accident was caused by the alcohol and drug.

More than that, in the scene and inside the car, it was reported that the police found an empty bottle of Don Julio tequila.

It makes the suspicion of the DUI case was arising.

And indeed, the car insurance quotes were out of question, because there is more important matter here.

With this found, the LaBelle family can use it to sue and find justice for the dead of their family member.

Watch this safe car driving tips video below :

9. Offset

His real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus.

He is member of hip-hop and rap trio, Migos.

Offset take a drive in his green Dodge Challenger around the road in Atlanta.

During his drive, he tries to avoid the damaged part of the road where he drives his car.

And, because of this maneuver, his car crashed and damaged.

It was really hard, which make you wonder how he survived.

The unique part of this story is just after the car accident, when Offset tried to get out from his wrecked car, someone help him.

This helper’s name is Jamar, the local that coincidentally around the accident site.

Jamar taken Offset to hospital, which make him get the first treatment as soon as possible.

And, as a thanks for Jamar’s help, Offset give him a new car, a Nissan Altima.

Now, Jamar doesn’t need to walk when he goes to his working place.

Maybe, he only needs to find auto insurance quotes online for his new car.

And for Offset, of course he will get new better car from his old Dodge Challenger.

10. Terrance Williams

Terrance Williams played for Dallas Cowboy, an American Football team as wide receiver.

He started his career in National Football League (NFL) in 2013, when Dallas Cowboy drafted him on third round.

He involved in car accident in May.

According to the police report, Williams hit the light pole on the roadside very fast, which busted his car completely. However, according to Chip Lewis, Williams’ attorney, his client didn’t hit the pole directly.

He explained that his client was trying to stabilize his car that was slipped on the road.

And, the event when his car crashed the light pole wasn’t in his client memory, because he was braced himself just about the crash.

With the help from his attorney and of course with right car insurance quotes, you also can get out from problem like this one.


Basically, all car accident that you can see above can happen to anyone, not only celebrities.

Therefore, it is important for you who have car, to get best automobile insurance quotes, which can give you the best insurance for your car protection.

More than that, having lawyer that will deal with the entire law problem that occurs because of the car accident where you involved with, is also good decision, because they will help you to get best result and your right.

Fortunately, you also can find car insurance quotes online, if you want to get the best insurance for your car protection.