16 Popular Complaints, Problems and the Solutions for MyBalanceNow’s Users

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16 Popular Complaints, Problems and the Solutions

Are you one of the MyBalanceNow’s users?
If you are, here are 16 most common problems complained by the users along with the solutions.

1. I Can’t Use My Card

Do you often get a problem on how to use your MyBalanceNow card?
You might not use it properly and here is how you should utilize it.

First, make sure that you give the card to the cashier at the time of purchase.
Then, do not forget to sign the receipt.

2. Why Can’t I Activate My Card?

Well, you need a help of the cashier to activate your card and it can be done when you shop.
Just keep in mind that you should sign the back of the card once you receive it.

It would be better if you write down the card and customer service number on a different place.
This is to make sure that you know where to call when lost your card.

3. I Can’t Check My Card Balance, How Should I Find It Out?

If you need to check your card balance, the best thing to do is by visiting Manage Card page.
After that, you should sign in to your account.

Another thing you can do is by calling the number that you will find in the back of your card.
Make sure that you check before you spend since the sellers can’t do it for you.

4. I Can’t Use the Card Outside the US

The holders of the card can’t use it outside the United States.
It can only be used in places in the US and District of Columbia where Visa debit card is accepted.


5. The Replacement Card or Refund is Difficult

When you lost your card, you should call the customer service immediately.
The staff will be ready anytime to help you at 1-800-698-4952.

To get the replacement or refund that you require, make sure that you provide all the information required.
You do not need to pay for the replacing card since it is free.

6. I Can’t Use the Card Due to the Expired Date

Your card will stay valid as long as it meets the date shown on the front part of the card.
It is also considered valid if the value on your card hasn’t reached zero.

7. Are There Any Fees Associated with My Card?

You need to know that the only fee associated with your card is just the initial fee.
You will not be charged for any other usage or maintenance regarded to the card.

8. I Am Unable to Use the Card Internationally

It has been stated before that the card can only be used in the United States and District of Columbia.
In this way, you can’t use the card aboard or outside the country.

9. Why Can’t Get Cash with My Card?

Just for your info that you can’t get cash by using the MyBalanceNow card.
You can’t use it at any ATM to draw money or accept cash advances.

The card can only be used as a payment tool only.
You can’t use the card to receive cash back at the sale point either.

10. Why Can’t Use Bigger Dominations to Purchase My Cash

Well, the dominations of the card can only be used on certain conditions.
It can be bought in dominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200 only.

11. Is It Possible to Use the Card for Online Shopping?

Yup, you can use the card for online shopping.
It can be done as long as the merchant is based in the US and District of Columbia.

12. The Merchants Charge Me More than I Sign on Receipt

You have to pay more than you sign on your receipt sometimes.
This is because some purchases need a preauthorization.

13. I Can’t Change My ZIP Code

To change your ZIP code, you only need to register your new ZIP code.
It can be done on the “Assign ZIP Code” available on your account.

14. I Can’t Transfer Funds By Using the Card

You can’t do it since the card can’t be used to transfer money from one card to another.

15. Why Can’t I Reload My Card?

This is impossible to do it since the MyBalanceNow card can’t be reloadable.
So, you do not need to reload it.

There are many other details about the card like mybalancenow target gift,
you can check further details at the

16. My Cards Expired and I Want to Get Them Back, Tried Calling but I Keep Getting Hung up on

Please contact the call center 1-800-698-4952 at bussines hours.

If you have problem with MyBalanceNow please email us at Contact Us.

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