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Shocking Truth About CardCash Reviews – Must Read Guide

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CardCash Reviews

Cardcash is a good place to buy or sell gift cards. However, before you use the service, we recommend you read more about cardcash reviews.

Here, we have collected several issues that customers have. Plus, we also add some solutions for it, so you know what you should do.

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I don’t know when my physical gift card arrives?

To solve this problem, you should log in to your CardCash account or use its app. Then, you can track the shipping process and other information you might need. doesn’t work for me

If you have this cardcash not working problem, you can refer to the location cardcash reviews. Yes, this service is only available for the customer in the United States.
If you live in other countries, you cannot use this service. So, you might need to find other similar services that accept gift cards from your country.

CardCash Reviews

Cardcash is unable to validate my gift card

If you experience the cardcash unable to validate the problem, make sure you contact the gift card provider. Find the gift card expiration date.

Cardcash can’t verify my account

Some cardcash reviews also talk about the verification problem. It happens a lot when you didn’t submit the proper information.
Submit your full name, date of birth, email address, and credit card number for payment. Thus, they can verify your account easier.

Cardcash doesn’t verify my gift card selling!

It could happen because you didn’t pay the cardcash verification fee. It is only $1 per verification, so make sure you pay it to solve this problem.

I can’t spend any more money on my Cash Card!

It could be you have reached the cashcard withdrawal limit. If it happens, you should find other methods to withdraw, like with a check or directly from the bank branch.

Cardcash declined my order!

This problem also has been highlighted in many cardcash reviews. You need to change and use the other credit cards to solve this problem.

Cardcash didn’t approve my credit card!

According to many cardcash reviews, it happens because CardCash detects high fraud risk from your card. The solution is to use other credit cards.

cardcash reviews

I can’t use a credit card to pay the gift card from Cardcash

According to cardcash reviews, this problem occurs because you have a bad credit history. So, find other methods to pay, like PayPal or ACH.

Cardcash keeps declining my order

If you buy and cardcash declined, and it keeps going over and over, there is one problem here. You have listed because of the high fraud risk.
Contact customer service to clear up your name. Also, submit detailed information to them, so they can verify your identity.

Cardcash gift cards always out of stock

You might need to refer to the cardcash selling review for this problem. They have information about the hottest gift card, which is still available.

I didn’t receive my gift card

Cardcash reviews clearly state that they need ten business days to ship your card. So, you need to wait.

Cardcash didn’t send the e-gift card immediately

The verification process and the e-gift card delivery are 24-48 hours. Wait for that long before they send it to you.

I can’t use some features in

It happens because you live outside the US. Some features are turned off for safety.

My gift card has a zero balance

Contact the Cardcash customer service right away. CardCash has a 45-day guarantee that will refund your purchase.


Those are some of the problems and solutions for the Cardcash service. For more information, refer to cardcash reviews and its official website.

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