Coles Gift Card

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Coles Gift Card

Coles Gift Card is a product of Coles Group Limited.

Coles Group Limited is among the leading retailers in Australia.

They’ve significantly more than 2500 stores throughout Australia.

Coles Group Limited contains:
1. Coles Supermarkets and Coles Online.
2. Coles Express.
3. First Choice Liquor.
4. Liquorland.
5. Vintage Cellars.

Coles Gift Card Description


The Coles Gift Card is redeemable at Coles Supermarkets and Coles Central stores nationwide.
Coles Gift Cards aren’t redeemable on Coles Online or at Coles Express or Liquorland.
Not redeemable for money or payments of credit or store accounts.

Gift cards can not be used to get gift cards.
This card will expire 4 years from the date of issue.

Coles Gift Card

Key Conditions of Use

Treat this card like cash.
Lost or stolen cards won’t be replaced or refunded.

Delivery information

Plastic Gift Cards are delivered via Registered Post.
Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.
Digital Gift Card orders are delivered within 4 hours.

What value can I placed on a gift card ?

A Gift Card could be laden up with any value between $10 and $500.

When will a Gift Card expire?

Your Gift Card will expire 4 years from the date of purchase.
If you wish to check the expiry date in your Gift Card you are able to check at selected registers available, or by calling our Gift Card Support Team on 1300 304 990.
You may also learn the expiry date of one’s gift card once you check your balance online.

Can I add more value to a Gift Card ?

No, once a Gift Card has been purchased the worth about it can not be increased.

Coles Gift Card

Will there be anything I can’t use my Gift Card for?

Yes, some restrictions apply. You can’t use your Gift Card for:
– Charge card or store card payments
– Online purchases, except Target Online and
– Some products and services in stores.

Can I return or refund a Gift Card ?

Gift Cards can not be returned or refunded.

Can I return purchases created using my Gift Card ?

Our normal store return policies apply.
Just present that together with your Gift Card and receipt at the store where in fact the purchase was made.

Gift Card balance and transaction history

Just how do I check my Gift Card balance?

You are able to check your Gift Card balance online such as another gift card mybalancenow.
You should enter your Gift Card number and 4-digit PIN on the rear of one’s card.

Once you register to test your balance online you may also see your card’s expiry date and a listing of your Gift Card transactions.
Everytime you employ your Gift Card , the residual balance is printed in your receipt.

You can even check your card balance at selected registers in stores, or by calling our Gift Card Support Team on 1300 304 990.

Just how do I get a listing of transactions created using my Gift Card ?

You may get a listing of your Gift Card transactions once you check your balance online or by calling our Gift Card Support Team on 1300 304 990.

How to get and redeem

You can get Gift Cards available

Trying to find an ideal gift, but unsure what that could be?

Gift Cards solve your condition putting the decision right to the hand of the gift receiver.

Cards might be purchased at the next leading retailers: Coles, Myer, Coles Express, Kmart, Target , Liquorland , First Choice Liquor, Vintage Cellars , Officeworks.
Even easier, you can aquire a Coles Group & Myer Gift Card , which may be redeemed in the above participating stores.

Gift Cards are conveniently located at the registers and on Gift Card stands in most participating stores.
Simply choose the Gift Card of your option, try the register and nominate the worth you want to enhance the card.
This is often any amount from $5 to $500.
Your card is laden up with this amount and is ready for use at the participating stores located across Australia.

Purchasing Gift Cards online

Alternatively, you can aquire your Gift Cards online.
Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Union Pay charge cards are accepted for payment of Gift Cards purchased online.
Your Gift Card could be laden up with a price of your option between $10 and $500, and is valid for an amount of 4 years from enough time of purchase.

Redeeming Gift Cards

You need to use your Gift Card to get most products obtainable in store.

Where to utilize your Gift Card?
1. Coles Group & Myer Gift Card at Coles, Coles Express, Myer, Target , Kmart, Liquorland , Vintage Cellars , First Choice Liquor and Officeworks.
2. Coles Gift Card at Coles Supermarkets and Coles Central.
3. Coles Group Gift Card at Coles Supermarkets, Coles Express, First Choice Liquor, Vintage Cellars and Liquorland.
4. Coles Express Gift Card at Coles Express.
5. Target Gift Card at Target and Target Online.
6. Kmart Gift Card at Kmart.
7. Liquorland Gift Card at Liquorland.
8. Vintage Cellars Gift Card at Vintage Cellars.
9. First Choice Liquor Gift Card at First Choice Liquor.
10. Officeworks Gift Card at Officeworks.

Over and over again, several participating store

You may not need to pay all the quantity in your Gift Card in a single go.
You need to use your card as numerous times as you would like, in the participating stores, until the total amount reaches zero.
If your purchase is significantly more than the quantity available in your gift card , you possibly can make up the total amount with other kinds of payment, like cash, EFTPOS, credit or charge card.
Your gift card value

When purchased, each Gift Card is laden up with a price between $5 and $500 instore and $10 and $500 online.
If the card value isn’t printed on the card carrier, you might check your balance online utilizing the 4 digit Access PIN on the reverse of one’s card.
Alternatively, contact the client response team on 1300 304 990.

Please treat your Gift Card like cash.
Lost or stolen cards can not be replaced or refunded.