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If you are looking forward to getting a new credit card like Credit One, or if you are struggling to get one due to your poor credit history, Credit One credit card can provide you with a convenient solution.

Understand what Credit One is and everything that you need to know about it to get clear clues of whether to apply for its credit card.

What Is Credit One?

Credit One Bank is a leading credit card issuer in the United States with main headquarter in Las Vegas, Nevada. This credit card company is known as a reputable Visa credit card issuer, but its products comprise not only Visa cards, but also MasterCard cards.

Credit One offers a convenient solution not only to customers attempting to get a new credit card, but also to those whose poor credit history makes it difficult for them to get a credit card.

If banks overlook your credit card application because of your poor credit history, this credit card company might be the right next door for you to knock.

Because of its dedication to help everyone including the one with poor credit history, many of its customers actually apply for its credit card to improve their credit score.

With their new credit card, they can start with a clean slate to build their credit score and their reputation as a good debtor.

At the present, this credit card company has served more than 7 million citizens of the United States.

This number should reverberate the reputation that the company has successfully built up before its clients.

Credit One

What Are the Advantages of Using Credit One Credit Card?

There are a number of advantages that you can reap if you become a Credit One card user.

1. Great Rewards

For those who always love to see rewards offered by a credit card company, becoming a Credit One client can be a nice step.

There are three cards available and each offers different rewards.

If you use Cash Back Reward Visa card, you can get 1% cash back reward when purchasing gas, groceries, mobile phone service, internet service, cable and satellite TV service, and all other purchases.

You can also get 1.1% cash back reward on dining purchases.

If you use Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit card, you can get 1% cash back reward on gas and grocery purchases, mobile phone, cable, Internet, and satellite TV services, and other eligible purchases.

If you use NASCAR Visa Credit Card, you are eligible to get 1% cash back reward for any eligible gas and automotive purchases.

You will also get double cash back reward if you shop at

2. You Can Repair Your Broken Credit Score.

As mentioned above, Credit One offers credit building opportunity with people with poor credit history.

By applying for the company’s Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit card, you will have a chance to improve your credit score and improve your reputation before all credit card issuers.

3. You are Comprehensively Protected.

You will be protected from various mishaps when using your card.

There are several types of protection that you need to understand.

– Zero Fraud protection makes sure that you will not be liable for any unauthorized charges made when your card is lost or stolen.

– You are protected from accident and auto rental collision at no cost if you are carrying your Visa card when traveling.

– The card uses counterfeit-proof EMV chip.

– Constant monitoring of your account zeroes the chance of fraud.

– The optional Credit Protection program waives the minimum payment due for six months on the event of sudden unemployment and disability.

4. Credit card monitoring is free.

You can check your credit score and get your credit reports for free by logging in to your online account or by using Credit One bank app.

Credit One

How and When Can I Use the Card?

To start using the card, you can apply for your preferred card on Credit One’s official website at If you have previously received pre-approved credit card offer on your mail, you can submit your code on the website; otherwise, you can see if you pre-qualify by clicking on the appropriate link.

After you fill the required fields, you can submit your application and wait for its approval.

You can check the progress of your application process by clicking on the “Application Status” menu item on Credit One’s website.

If your application is approved, you should soon get your card in a mail, which you need to activate.

You can use your card only after you activate it and not before.

Where Can I Use the Card?

Credit One issues Visa card, which is accepted at millions of merchants around the world.

You can also use it to pay for your bills and to shop online.

How to Activate the Card?

After you get the card on your mail, you are required to activate your credit card account by calling the toll-free activation number printed on a sticker fixed on your new card.

Remember that activation can only be done through phone and not online and that you cannot use the card until you activate it.

Is There Fee Involved?

Credit One allows you to choose one of two available payment options: Standard Payment and Express Payment.

You will not be charged a fee if you use the Standard Payment, but if you use Express Payment, you will be charged a fee of $9.95.

There is also Late Fee that will be charged to you if you fail to post your payment before your payment due date.

Why Do Merchants Charge More than What Shown on My Bill?

Merchants need to pay about %1.5 of the value of your purchase to the credit company.

This payment is usually what the merchants pass on to their customers.

Can I Do Cash Withdrawal with Credit One Card?

If you are asking whether you can use Credit One card on an ATM machine to do cash withdrawal, the short answer is yes.

However, it is important to know that withdrawing cash using credit card is expensive, so do it only in an emergency situation.

Every cash withdrawal done with your credit card will be added with interest.

At the present, the average interest rate of using Credit One card to withdraw cash from an ATM machine is around 24 percent.

What Do I Do If I’ve lost My Card?

You can call Credit One customer service if your card is lost or stolen.

You need to dial the toll-free number of 1-877-825-3242 if you are in the United States or 1-702-405-2042 if you are outside the States.

Normally, you will be asked to provide the 16-digit card number by the automated system upon making a call. However, if you lose your card, you don’t need to provide the number and wait a little while instead until you are requested to press a specific number on your phone.

If your card is lost or stolen, the number that you have to press is 7.

A live customer service representative will receive your report and advise you to take necessary measure to recover your card.

What If I Forget My PIN?

You can get your PIN by going to the Settings page of Credit One’s website.

Be sure that you have logged in to your account before accessing this page; otherwise, your PIN will not show up.

If you forget your username and password, you can do account and password reset also from the website’s log in page.

How Do I Dispute a Transaction?

If you suspect unusual transaction that shows up in your account, you can dispute it by providing a written dispute that includes your account number, the merchant’s name, detailed information about your dispute, and the amount charged to you.

You should send the written dispute by mail to Credit One Bank, Attn: Dispute Department, P.O. Box 98876, Las Vegas, NV 89193-8876.

Please send your mail within 60 days after the disputed transaction appears in your account.

You will get respond within 30 days after you send your mail and possible resolution within 60 to 90 days afterwards.

Remember that you can always cancel your dispute at any time by dialing 1-877-825-3242.

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In terms of providing a Visa card, Credit One is very much similar to other credit card issuers.

Therefore, regardless of your current need, you can always apply for credit card with this company.

In terms of providing solution to people with poor credit score, Credit One is unique because it offers solution that not all credit card issuers offer.

Its Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit card is especially special because it helps those people build up a favorable credit score with a clean slate.

Credit One card is also helpful for NASCAR lovers as well as credit card users who expect great rewards from their purchases.

If you have problem when using Credit One card, don’t hesitate to visit the FAQs page of Credit One’s website or simply refer to your mobile app.

You can also dial customer service number on 1-877-825-3242 if you want to report some specific problems.