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Credit One Reviews – 15 Popular Complaints and Solutions

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Credit One Reviews

Do want to apply for credit card from Credit One Bank?

Here are some of credit one reviews that you can use as reference.

15 Popular Complaints and Solutions

1. Low Limit

Low limit on credit one credit card is not helping as a tool for transaction.

But, you can use it to repair your credit.

2. Card Lost Problem

When this user called customer service to report for losing the card, that user got rude response from the representative behind the phone.

The solution is sending the dispute by mail.

3. Customer Service Problem

This user can’t talk to the representative through the phone number that is provided.

The solution for this problem is using mail or the online tool that is provided on the official website.

4. Charge Problem

This user loses his card because of the fraudulent charge and didn’t get good response from customer service by phone.

This dispute should be solved by using the writing dispute that state on the official website FAQ section.

credit one credit card

5. Website Server is Down

This user has problem when she try to use the online tool from the official website and it seems can’t go through. Maybe, she needs to wait a little bit, for the server to go back.

6. Cancelling the Credit Card Problem

This user mistaken the Credit One offer with other credit card, apply it and then want to cancel it, but can’t find the phone number for that.

Actually, this user can find the phone number on sticker that come when credit one card was sent by mail.

7. Credit Card with Low Limit and High Fee

The low limit and high cost that you need to pay monthly make this credit card is high risk credit card.

The solution is managing your finance carefully, so you can avoid some problem later.

8. Problem after Eight Years

This user has been using Credit One Bank credit card for 8 years, and have problem with the cost that getting higher. The solution is cancelling this card by calling the customer service phone number.

9. Hidden Charge

At first, Credit One card doesn’t has any annual fee, but after you apply it, you will be charged for annual fee for $75.

The solution for this problem is issuing dispute or cancelling the credit card.

10. Security Problem

When this user wants to access the service via internet, he can’t do that because of security problem.

The solution is updating the browser or uses the better and safer browser to do that.

credit one credit card

11. Close Account Problem

The credit one bank reviews from this user said that he has problem to close his account, instead he charged with extra fee.

The customer service can always help to solve this problem.

12. Payment Problem

This user have problem to pay the fee for this credit card.

Make sure you use the right account from website to pay it.

13. Credit Score Problem

This user has problem to build his credit with this credit card.

The solution is making payment before the deadline.

14. Account Problem

The credit one bank reviews from this user stated that he has two accounts and one of them was closed without permission.

You need to send dispute mail to solve this problem.

15. Too Many Hidden Fee

When this user makes payment, suddenly he gets information that there is another payment he needs to pay.

The best solution is cancelling this card for avoid worst problem.