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Get Paid Faster and Easier with Fanhouse Payment Methods

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Fanhouse Payment Methods Reviews

Fanhouse is a membership platform. It is designed for true fans to support and even hang out with their favorite idols, influencers, and content creators. Indeed, you should learn about Fanhouse payment methods and anything about it before using it. 

Fanhouse Payment Methods Reviews and Solutions

So far, Fanhouse only accepts one payment method via stripe. Members can’t pay using any payment card they have.

Users Can’t Use Credit Card to Pay Their Membership

Based on the latest information, Fanhouse only accepts one payment method from Stripe. It means that you can’t use a Fanhouse credit card to pay for your membership. Create a Stripe account to pay for your membership.

Fanhouse Not Accept Your Debit Card 

Fanhhouse tries to find the best payment methods with the lowest fees and is available in many countries. Because of that, this platform only works with Stripe. It is the reason why you can’t use the Fanhouse debit card. Create a Stripe account to pay for your membership.  

Having Fanhouse Login Issue or Account Related Issues 

The server may be down. Wait for a few minutes and log in again. Check also your data connection and ensure that you enter the correct data. The system may also ban or deactivate your account. Contact customer service to help you.

fanhouse payment methods

Blank Screen when Opening Fanhouse 

Close the app first and reopen the app. It often happens because of a temporary loading issue. Alternatively, you can also reboot your Android device and open the app again.

You Can’t use Your Prepaid Card

Talking about Fanhouse payment methods, we will have to discuss Stripe. It is the only payment method that Fanhouse accepts so far. It means that you can’t use the Fanhouse prepaid card to pay for any activities on Fanhouse. Creating an account on Stripe is the only way to pay your bill on Fanhouse. 

Screen Freeze while Launching Fanhouse App

It often happens because the app server may be down. Check your mobile data or wi-fi connection and ensure that it works properly. This problem also happens because too many users use the app at the same time. Please wait for a few minutes before opening the app again.

Can’t Hear Anything, but the Video is normal

Check your phone volume first. You can also use your headphones to ensure whether the problem is coming from the speakers or app. Check your internet speed and wi-fi connection to ensure that it works properly.

Can’t Use PayPal to Pay Fanhouse Membership

There is nothing wrong with your PayPal account. You can’t use PayPal to pay your Fanhouse membership because this platform only accepts Stripe. That’s why create a Stripe account and use it for paying your bill. 

You Don’t Get Fanhouse App Notifications

Check whether notifications are enabled or not. Go to the apps option and Fanhouse icon. Check the notification status. Tap the notification toggle to activate or deactivate the notification.

You Don’t See Your Money Added to Your Balance after Deposit

Wait for 24 to 48 hours and recheck your balance. If there is no additional money on your balance, send a message via and explain your problem. Remember to show the documents to support your complaint.

You Can’t Withdraw Money from Fanhouse via PayPal

Ensure that you have followed the withdrawal instructions. You have to understand that Fanhouse doesn’t accept any payment method except Stripe. The platform claims that it is the safest and lowest fee platform. That’s why you can’t use Fanhouse PayPal for any activity.

You can’t Use Fanhouse Gift Card

Ensure that your Fanhouse gift card is still active. Now, contact your card provider to ensure whether there is a problem with the card or not. Continue the process by sending a message to to check this problem. You should give your Fanhouse username to let them check it.

Can’t Pay Your Fanhouse Bill with Apple Pay

Indeed, you can’t pay your Fanhouse bill with Fanhouse Apple Pay. It is because the platform commits only using Stripe for the payment method so far. 

fanhouse payment methods

You Withdrew Money from Fanhouse but Didn’t Get in Your PayPal

Fanhouse confirms that they only accept Stripe as the legal payment method or any transaction. You would better create a Stripe account to do any transactions successfully in Fanhouse.


If you can’t cerify your transactions from Fanhouse, you can recheck the status to your bank or PayPal. If they don’t record any transactions, contact Fanhouse app support by sending your email to hello Regarding Fanhouse payment methods, this platform only accepts Stripe. Do you have any specific questions or experience about Fanhouse payment methods? If yes please comment and share below.

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