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Do yo know what is MyWMTotalRewards ?

It is important to keep your house clean and hygiene to improve health quality.
The key is the way you manage the residential waste.

Just imagine how many wastes your house produces a day?
Without a proper waste management, the impact will be bad for the entire family health quality.

A specific service such as mywmtotalrewards is developed to overcome this kind of problem.
Check the complete information below before using this waste management service.

About Waste Management Program

My wm total rewards service is a waste management service whether for residential or business.
The purpose of the service is to help people to manage their waste easier and faster.

The most important, the waste will be managed and processed in the best way to prevent contamination.
The process is easy because it improves the regular waste management into a high-tech system.


You are about to be supported by an online payment schedule, dumpster rental services, and many more.
Interestingly, you can manage and control everything from your gadgets.

The Waste Management service is designed for the North America citizens.
Nowadays, this service has been supported over 21 million municipal, commercial,
and industrial customers, especially in the USA and Canada.

The main goal of the program is to develop a waste solution to save the world.
The program covers three main services.

Those services are waste disposal, waste recycling, and counseling.
They want to achieve their green goal and zero waste through these three services.

It hopes that the program works effectively to recycle and reused the waste to support the other facilities.
Until today, the waste has been used to generate electricity.

The recycled waste is also reused as the natural gas.
The natural gas is commonly used as the fuel for trucks in North America.

Due to the services and facilities, the Waste Management program is suitable for all users.
As long as they get difficulty in handling waste and care about waste management, they can use this Waste Management service.

WM Mission

The company has a mission to maximize the resource value.
Moreover, they want to do it by eliminating or minimizing the environmental impacts.

As the result, the Waste Management service is able to help to boost the economy and environmental aspects.
The program has achieved several prestigious awards and it shows that the program is valuable for all.

The latest awards were Top Greenest Companies in the USA in 2017.
The program also won the Corporate Conservation Leadership Award in 2017.

The company and the program will keep developing with the support from all users.
To achieve the goals, the company is creating a lot of creative and user-friendly features and programs.

For example, the program is connected to mobile devices.
By using this system, the users can check everything only from the devices.

Furthermore, they also offer affordable cost program as well as easy payment options.
As the result, all people who care about waste management can use the program right away.

The Benefits of Waste Management Program

Because you are using a high-tech waste management system, it means you will get more benefits from the system.
Let say, you don’t have to get confused about where to throw the waste.

There will be a team which will pick up the waste and classifies it carefully.
The service has been integrated with all areas across North America.

This system offers a revolutionary waste management system because you are able to control everything from your smartphone.
As the result, you are able to choose the services you need most.

The system has several services for residential waste management such as a dumpster, bagster bags, waste recycling, and medical waste.
As a business owner, you can also control the waste from your company well.

The program supports you with several services such as waste pickup, dumpsters, bagster bag, waste recycling, and construction.
The online system makes you able to control and manage the services from your PC or smartphones.

Indeed, wm total rewards service gives a solution to process waste effectively.
As the result, you can keep the surrounding clean, hygiene, and healthy in the simplest and fun way.
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The Features You Can Use

To do the process effectively, mywmtotalrewards service is developed along with several valuable features.
Pickup is the first feature whether for residential and business.

This feature covers trash, recycling, yard waste, and food and organics waste management service.
There is also a large trash feature which is suitable for dumpster rental, bagster bag, bulk pickup services.

If you want to learn about how to recycle waste, they will give you the complete explanation.
They also give you more explanation about the usage of the program. Do you interested?

The wm rewards program is trying to help you to remove trash easily.
That’s why the program is also supported by a drop-off feature.

This feature works by taking the waste directly to your address.
This is also possible for you want to join the waste recycling program.

The unique feature is the recycling by mail feature.
This feature helps to handle bulb, batteries, electronics, medical waste, and many more.

The Steps to Join the Waste Management Program

For those who want to use this service, you need to follow several steps.
You have to create an account because you will use the account to manage the waste management order and payment.

my wm total rewards

The ID is also an important thing for mywmtotalrewards login.
By the time you are login, you can use all the features based on your need.

For example, you want the service to pick up your waste regularly.
If it is so, you just need to get the schedule.

The schedule is including the arrival time, the holiday closures, and service alerts.
You may also request a bulk pickup and even an extra pickup if you have a lot of waste at home.

Just take the temporary dumpster if you only have small waste.

Watch this video How to Sign Up for Waste Management Services

Create a Membership Profile

The way to be the member of mywmtotalrewards service is easy.
The first thing to do is creating a waste management service profile.

Just do it by clicking the login button and sign up.
You need to include your email address and password.

When you agree with the program, you can start to create a profile.
You also have to add your customer ID and billing zip code.

Click the “Add This Account” to finish the registration.
The account can be used to manage your waste management service.

For the first time users, you can use it to find the facilities near to your living area.
Just click the drop-off locations feature.
Next, type your complete address there and the facility you want to order.

Wait for a few seconds and you will get the list of Waste Management facilities near you.
You can also involve in a local community to handle waste management.

To find out the local community, go to the “Facility Locator”.
Then, you can choose “drop off trash” or “drop off recycling”.

Type your complete address on the box.
Click the “Search” button and in a few seconds, you will get the list of the community.

Just click one of the communities on the list to know the complete information.

It’s easy right?

Activate the My Total Rewards Services

To activate the waste management my total rewards, you need to have a customer ID.
A customer ID is a unique number.

You can see the customer ID on your invoice.
The number on the top right corner of your invoice is your customer ID.

You must keep the customer ID because it uses for several activities.
Let say, you have to use your customer ID when you want to login to your online account.

The ID is also an important item you need to include when you want to set an online payment.
It is also a must to mention your ID if you have to deal with their customer service.

They will ask your customer ID before helping you.
If you have an ID it means you are a member and your membership is activated

The Charges

There is a fee you have to pay if you take this Waste Management service.
The cost you have to pay will be informed in an invoice.

For the USA citizens, there are several charges included on this program.
You have to pay the administrative, fuel or environmental, regulatory cost recovery, recyclable materials offset, and prepared service charges.

There are also some additional charges such as taxes and camera system.
The charges are used to develop the operational so the system can be used efficiently and effectively.

The Payment Method Options

To make you easy to pay the Waste Management services, you may use an automatic payment.
The auto payment service helps you to pay the charge fast and on time.

The system will send the invoice and you can pay it on a specific day each one.
Just set the payment date first and choose the “Pay When Invoiced”.

You need to include your customer ID and credit card or debit card or account number to activate the automatic payment system.
Besides using an automatic payment system, you can also use online, invoice, account, multiple accounts, and one-time payment systems.

The best part of using this service is that you can use a paperless billing system.
Everything will be completely recorded online. You can check the record anytime you want.

WM Mobile App

You can get any kind of information through your mobile device.
The WM mobile app will send the notifications to your mobile device.

You have to register to the WM mobile app before using it.
Just click the “Register” and follow the instructions carefully.

When you have an account, open the app.
You need to enter an email and password to log in.

Later, you can manage the notifications to keep you get the update information.

Who Have To Use the Program

Mywmtotalrewards service is perfect for those who have a problem in removing waste.

It is a big problem, especially if you don’t know how to classifies the waste. Before using this service, just make sure that you know the simple rules.

This service is for those who tend to throw away the plastic bottle, cans, paper, and cardboard. Moreover, you need to separate between those solid wastes with foods or liquid wastes.

You also don’t need to include the plastic bag to the box. For those who care about waste recycling can also join the Waste Management service.

It is the same case with the business owners who have a problem with waste management. Indeed, it takes time to classify the waste, especially for the big companies.

It becomes a serious problem if you have to remove dangerous waste. At the same time, you have to do it to keep the environment safe and clean.

That’s why this Waste Management program is coming. The Waste Management program helps to manage from the classifying up to the recycling.

As the result, there will be no dangerous waste and you can reuse the recycle waste. In conclusion, this is the best and simple way to save our earth from waste.

Your job is just to handle the waste in the right way. You may start by classifying the type of waste.

Let the solid waste on the Waste Management box. Then, let the experts do the rest.


If you have a problem related to the Waste Management services, you may contact the customer support.
You just need to enter your zip code to connect to the nearest customer service.

You can also login with your personal account first. Then, you can go to the customer support area to consult your problem.

They will try to handle all your problems. You may call them if you have a problem with billing, account, order, and many more.

Just explain the problem briefly and clearly. Wait for their answer and try to apply the solution.

Your problem will be solved right away and you can use the mywmtotalrewards services just like before.
So, just get your customer ID and create your account right away.

Use the Waste Management service maximally to get the benefits. In the long term, you are not the only one who get the benefits.

Moreover, you are also helping your family, neighbors, and environment to keep healthy and safe. Do you have any question or experience about mywmtotalrewards ? If yes please comment and share below.

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