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Say Goodbye to Hassles with Peacock TV Payment Methods

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Peacock TV Payment Methods Reviews

Do you know Peacock TV Payment Methods? Let’s read below.

Peacock is one of the top video streaming services in America. In 2022, this streaming service reaches 13 million paid subscribers. Peacock payment methods are also various, including credit card, PayPal, and in-app purchases.

Peacock TV Payment Methods

Check the list below if you want to register for this service for the first time or want to know more about it.

1. You Can’t Update Your Billing

Ensure that you have a strong internet connection for streaming. Then, clear your device’s cache and data on the device’s settings menu. If it doesn’t work, uninstall the Peacock application, reinstall it on your device, and check your billing.

2. You Receive an Email that Your Peacock Payment Has Failed

It is a common charging issue. You can try to repay the bill in the next few days. You can contact customer service if it keeps failing.

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3. Peacock TV Doesn’t Accept Your Credit Card

Peacock credit card payment method is available. It means you can use it to pay your Peacock TV bill. Ensure that you are using an American credit card. Create an American credit card if you don’t have one yet. Go to your bank and check the card if you have it or contact Peacock customer service to get a solution.

4. The possibility to Pay Peacock TV Bill Using Cards Outside the U.S.

Nowadays, you can use a Peacock debit card outside the U.S to pay your bill. You only have to use the US unlocked virtual payment card. Install a VPN first and connect to a US server. Go to the official a VPN website and tap the get your card button. The system will process your deposit. Wait until you see the credentials corresponding to your new virtual card for the US. Go to the Peacock TV website and use the VPN to pay using your card.

5. Your Prepaid Card is Not Working to Pay Peacock Bill

Peacock prepaid card is accepted to pay your Peacock bill. So, if it is not working, you should call Peacock customer service to get a solution. You can also contact a bank where you get a prepaid card to confirm whether there is a problem with your card or not.

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6. Your PayPal is Not Working to Pay Peacock Bill

PayPal is one of the most popular Peacock payment methods. So, if your Peacock PayPal doesn’t work, the site may be down, you may not verify your account yet, and you don’t have enough money in your account. Alternatively, you can check the payment method from PayPal to other options. Go to the plans and payment tab. Click on the update payment method and check the method.

7. You Can’t Pay Your Peacock Bill Using Google Pay

Indeed, you can’t use Peacock Google Pay because this service doesn’t accept Google Pay. Pay your bill using credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. This streaming service also accepts debit cards and PayPal.

8. You Can’t Pay Your Peacock Bill Using Apple Pay

You can pay your bill using Peacock Apple Pay. Ensure you have downloaded the Peacock application from the Apple App Store. Then, use this app to pay your Peacock bills. Uninstall and reinstall the application if it doesn’t work.

9. You Can’t Pay Your Peacock Bill Using Gift Cards or e-Gift Cards

You should know that Peacock TV doesn’t offer gift cards. That’s why you can’t pay your bill using a Peacock gift card. Check the Peacock payment methods and use one of them to pay your bill off.

10. Your Peacock Premium is Not Working

If so, check your payment account. It can be a problem with your payment info or insufficient funds in your account. Log out from your account, relog, and start paying the bill.

11. You Can’t See Your Latest Billing Information

It happens because your billing information has expired. Go to the billing information or payment option and confirm one of them. Now, you have your latest billing information.

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12. You Can’t Get Your Latest Billing Information Even After Renew It

Try to remove your card from the billing details. Then, re-add it to the details and check the billing information.

13. You Can’t Pay the Bill with the Exact Amount of Money in Your Bank

Your bank may deny the transaction. Add the deposit to your bank account more than the bill you are about to pay. Try to pay off the bill.

14. You Can’t Use Premium Features on Peacock App to Pay Your Bill

It can be a problem with the system. Clear the data and cache first. Then, uninstall and reinstall the app. Try to use the app to pay your bill.

15. You can’t Access Peacock Website via Browser to Pay your Bill

Access the Peacock website using a different browser or reinstalling your current one. Ensure that you pick one of the Peacock payment methods to pay the bill.


That’s the explanation about Peacock payment methods. Do you have any question or experience about Peacock payment methods? If yes please comment and share below.

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