Prepaidcardstatus – Login Create an Account Activate Check Balance (Complete Guide)

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With Prepaidcardstatus, you now have the freedom to go shopping and make payments without having to use cash. While the existence of cards is not a new phenomenon, you sure jumpstart the era.

Living in a digitalized era means that we are given a seemingly endless facility to make our life easier.

From the ability to do banking and shopping online, to the ability to stay in touch with friends across the globe like distance doesn’t matter.

The card services may have been in use for a few decades now.

However, its existence and benefits become even more solidified after online shopping era kicked off.

PrepaidCardStatus Solution

When it comes to cards, so far there has only been two types of it – mainly, the debit card and credit card.

While many of us have no problems obtaining debit cards, credit cards are undoubtedly a completely different ball game.

To bridge the issue, Visa has rolled out a prepaid card to help customers enjoy the benefits of having a credit card.

All without having to worry about overspending, an issue that is often faced by many of us after shopping.


Not sure about how to check the amount of money you have without having to go to the store to confirm?

With Prepaidcardstatus, you are now given the freedom to check the amount of money you have left before going on shopping spree.

Prepaidcardstatus visa

However, it is worth noting that portal is not only useful for this matter.

Other than for the pupose of checking your card balance, it also makes it possible for you to pull out shopping history.

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The Differences between and below

Prepaidcardstatus – How to Register, Login and Check Balance

So as to be able to check your prepaid card balance, you must first head over to its official website.

It’’s worth noting that to gain access, you must first register and make an account.

Creating an account is not a difficult task, however many people can easily get confused due to their lack of understanding on how it must be done.

For exactly this reason, we have listed the step-by-step process on how to register to Prepaid Card Status.


First and foremost, before you move to creating your own account, you must first activate your prepaid cards.

During this activation phase, you perhaps must get in touch with your card’s customer representative to ask for the activation code.

To activate your card, you will need 16-digit number of your card, expiry date, and also three unique numbers at the end.

Once you have gotten ahold of this, you may start the activation stage.

Once you have successfully activated your card, quickly head over to its official website at You may do so via your smartphone or PC, simply enter your card details to the 2-boxes you see there.

If you have any issue please click Contact Us or Contact Customer Care via Phone or Web Support.

Watch here what are the best Prepaid Cards for consumers

The Differences between and

A prepaid card is always a good option for you who don’t feel too comfortable using a credit card for transaction.
On the other hand, you also can use it as a gift card and give it as a gift to your friends or family.

Unfortunately, the prepaid card doesn’t have a service that can tell you the fund available automatically like a credit card.
Fortunately, you can use the service from to solve this problem.


In the simplest words, is a service that allows you to check your prepaid card balance via their online tool.
However, this website doesn’t only have that balance checking service.

The Features and Benefits of

First of all, is an online tool.
Therefore, you can use it 24/7 and anywhere you want, which give you more freedom to know your fund condition.

You just need to open the prepaidcardstatus website and you can start everything from its home page.
It has a tool that you can use by using your username and password to access the features in this website.

The register also helps you to simplify the process to register the prepaid card that you’ve just got.
From the time-saving perspective, this service helps you to save more time compared to the conventional method.

That’s not all.
You also can use the activation feature.

Just as we mentioned before, you can use this website service to register and check your card balance from its homepage.
On this page, you also can find another login tool that you can use to activate the card via the online method.

Once you have been logged in, what can you get?
Other than the prepaidcardstatus activate feature or balance checking tool, you also can find many other features.

For example, you can view transaction history, your profile information and many more.
Basically, helps you to get everything that you need easier.


The isn’t the only service that helps you to check your prepaid card status easily.
You also can find other companies that provide similar service.

One of the most popular and reliable services other than Prepaid Card Status is
This website also has a similar service, such as a tool to check your card balance and activate your card.

However, in order to use all the features on this website, you need a myprepaidcenter active card.
Fortunately, this website provides one of the easiest and fastest ways to activate your card.

The activation tool from this website provides all process and form that you need to fill, in order to activate your card.
And, the process doesn’t require too long waiting time.

After that, you can use myprepaidcenter check balance tool.
Moreover, My Prepaid Center also offers many bonuses, such as 5% cashback on movie theatre or restaurant.

Flaws To Consider

However, both services have several flaws that you need to consider.
For example, many clients complain that they don’t reissue the card after the card expired, while they still have funds in that card.

My Prepaid Center also has an annoying rule, where you have to spend the exact amount of money that you have on the card. If you don’t do that, you can’t use the prepaid card from this website.

This video below will show you How to Activate and Load Your Visa Prepaid Card


If we have to choose between and, the answer is the first choice.
My Prepaid Center has too many complaints from the clients.

Moreover, myprepaidcenter activation required feature make it more confusing than the Prepaid Card Status.
Therefore, the Prepaid Card Status wins over My Prepaid Center because of its simpler process to use their service.

In order to create, and gain access to your account, you must always enter your card number details.

This step may seem tedious but it is important to ensure the security of your account and other sensitive data.

Make sure security is your first priority and concern then the next thing is ease of use, lots of promos, lots of shopping places, cashback, points and bonuses.

Once succeeded, you may check visa prepaid card balance right away. With Prepaidcardstatus, your life is made easier. Do you have any question or experience about Prepaidcardstatus? If yes please comment and share below.