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Prepaidgiftbalance vs Walmartgift

Have you ever considered buying a gift debit card, either for your expense or giving it to other people?
You might end up with two recommendations, Prepaidgiftbalance and Walmart Visa Gift Card.

So, without further ado, let’s see what kind of features and differences are between those two. Here is the comparison between a Prepaid Gift Balance card and Walmartgift.

Prepaidgiftbalance and Walmart Gift Card Features

1. Both cards offer various features for your transaction needs. One of them is that you can use them in various places that accept MasterCard and Visa cards.
2. Both of them are licensed by MasterCard and Visa, so you also can use them without worries. You can find more about prepaidgiftbalance visa on its official website.
3. Similar to other debit gift cards, you get a specific amount deposit on both cards. You get the balance when you buy the card, where the amount you pay is the balance.
Once you use the Prepaidgiftbalance card up to the limit, you need to reload it. As for the Walmart card, you can use the online form or visit the Walmart store and pay it there.
As for the Prepaid Gift Balance card, you need to do it through its website, prepaidgiftbalancecom. Or, you can also visit the bank that issued this car, the United States Bank National Association.


The Different between Walmart Gift Card and PrepaidGiftBalance :

1. The big difference we found is the place where you can apply for Prepaidgiftbalance and Walmart cards. Both of them have a different way to get it, so you might have to prepare for this.
You can apply for the Prepaid Gift Balance card from the United States Bank National Association. Visit the bank, apply, and ask for a prepaidgiftbalance activate the process, and you need to wait until the card is sent to your place.
2. As for Walmart Gift Cards, you can apply it to the nearest Walmart store. Visit the official website to find the store locator tool where you can find the store to get it.
3. Prepaid Gift Balance is only available for the US area. It is reasonable because you can only finish the prepaidgiftbalance register process in the US bank.
Furthermore, the Prepaidgiftbalance card is only available for the US area. You can’t use it in other countries.
Walmartgift register is doable in all countries where Walmart is available. Thus, you can use this card in other countries as well.
Unfortunately, Walmart Gift Cards work in the area where you get them. So, if you buy it in the US, you can only use it in the US area.
If you want to use this card in other countries, you also should apply, buy, and do the Walmartgift activate process in that country. That way it is registered to that country’s financial system.



PrepaidGiftBalance Card Advantages and Disadvantages :

Here is detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of the Prepaidgiftbalance card.

Advantages :

1. Easy to apply,
2. Usable in almost all merchants.

Disadvantages :

1. Only available for the US area,
2. Unsafe website for prepaidgiftbalance login.


Walmart Gift Card Advantages and Disadvantages :

Walmart Gift Cards have several advantages and disadvantages you should know.

Advantages :

1. High balance limit ($1000),
2. Available in all countries,
3. Safe website.

Disadvantages :

1. Only usable in the country where you bought it.


Based on our data, we choose Walmart Gift Card as the best choice for gift or reloadable debit card. It is safe and usable in many places.

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