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Shein Payment Methods : Which One is Right for You

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Shein Payment Methods

Shein is a leading fashion retailer with millions of users and positive Shein reviews. This Chinese online fast fashion retailer provides almost unlimited options of clothes and accessories.

Being established in 2008, Shein has gained a prominent place in the fashion industry, thanks to its affordable but stylish products. There are more than 100 new styles that come from dresses, heels, coats, and onesies every day.

What about Shein payment methods? Well, this page will discuss the methods of payment that Shein accepts for your online shopping.

What Methods of Payment Does Shein Accept?

When it comes to payment methods, Shein only accepts several payment modes. Just like most brands, Shein also prefers debit cards and credit cards to cash on delivery.

shein payment methods

However, you need to know that Shein doesn’t have its own credit card. Hence, applying for a Shein credit card is impossible.

There is also no Shein debit card since the company doesn’t have one of its own. But if you need something practical to pay for your items, there will be many other ways to do it.

If you have a debit card or credit card from different companies, Shein is known to accept most of them. Shein accepts credit cards from companies like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, Discover cards, and American Express.

This is also possible for shoppers to make monthly payments on Shein. The retailer accepts payment methods such as Zip, After Pay, Klarna, and more.

The methods will allow you to purchase things now and pay for them later. At the time of shipping, you only need to pay a smaller amount.

Can You Use Apple Pay at Shein?

Unfortunately, you can’t. This is because this Chinese online fast fashion retailer doesn’t have the option for Shein Apple Pay in its payment methods.

shein payment methods

At least, Shein doesn’t accept Apple Pay for payment directly. Instead, you can pay for your purchased items through an Apple card that has been linked to your Apple Pay account.

Other Payment Methods Offered

This is also possible for you to use other payment methods. These include a Shein gift card.
As an alternative, you can use a coupon code, Shein rewards, or coupon bonus discounts. These will make it possible for you to get a cut-off on your purchase amount.

Common Shein Payment Issues

Just like other companies, Shein payment methods also face issues sometimes. Here are some problems often found in Shein’s customer payments.

1. Shein Is Down

You need to know that Shein has a huge customer base spread over 220 countries. The retail company also processes millions of transactions every day.
Due to the large traffic, Shein’s servers get overwhelmed sometimes. Hence, a temporary outage occurs and causes payment errors.
If you find this problem on your Shein payment, make sure that you wait for the servers to resolve it. If you wait for a while, the issue will resolve with time.

shein payment methods

2. Incorrect Card Details

When making an online payment, the chances you enter the wrong card details are big. The payment will be declined if things like billing address, card expiration date, or card CVV are incorrect.
To fix the problem, you need to make sure that the card details are correct. Check once again to ensure that you have filled in the numbers or codes correctly.

3. There’s a Bug

Do you use the Shein mobile app to complete your purchase? If you do, there is a possibility that a bug in the app causes the payment error.
Once you make sure that the problem is due to a bug on the app, you need to wait for a minute. Then try the payment steps once again.


Most of Shein’s current visitors are teenagers and millennials who like the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. We hope of course that Shein can provide many more attractive offers such as free Shein gift card code, Rewards cards, etc.

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