17 Starter Credit Cards Reviews

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Credit card nowadays is such an important thing to do various transactions and the starter credit cards become the good idea for the beginners. However, it is such a good idea for you to know well about credit card especially about the starter credit card.

If you are interested in using credit card and it is going to be your first card, the starter credit card can be a good option for you. Of course, you have to choose the good starter credit cards for getting a bunch of benefits and also giving you security and simplicity.


What is Starter Credit Card?

Getting to know about the definition of starter credit cards is the important thing to know first. So, what is it? That is a kind of credit card which is designed for the beginners or people who have no credit yet or for them who have the bad credit.

When we are talking about credit card, it is helpful in establishing your credit score. Then, of course to start having a credit card commonly a credit check is also required.

In that condition, a starter credit card is something which will be totally helpful since it would not require any credit checks. Thus, this type of credit card will give the simplicity to people with no credit or perhaps bad credit to apply the credit card.

What are the Benefits of Starter Credit Cards?

The existence of starter credit cards offers some benefits, so that it is reasonable that lots of people are interested in these credit cards. Of course then, you want to know much more about those benefits before you start hunting the right credit card.

The starter credit cards offer the simplicity since the people do not need worrying about their credit history or credit score. Of course, it will be really simpler and helpful for them who are worrying about it.

The starter credit card is also a good idea for building your credit history or credit score. This also can be your starting point in getting a better credit card in your future.

The starter credit card is suitable the most for some people. They are including the beginners as like the student or college student, people with no bad credit, for people who are traveling, immigrants, and so on.

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Important Points to Consider in Choosing Good Starter Credit Cards

Choosing the good starter credit cards is the important thing you have to notice. Then, what are the essential points you have to consider in selecting the good yet right started credit card?

One of the points to consider in choosing the good starter credit card is to notice the requirements. Making sure that there is no credit check is one of the first things to do.

There are also some other points you need to notice as like the features which are offered. Making sure the features are suitable to your need.

Considering the benefits of the credit cards, as like whether you are truly able to build your credit score properly or not is another point you need to consider. That is because it will affect to your future.

In addition, noticing the fee as like the annual fee, security deposit, the credit limit, and so on becomes the important thing you can consider. They are the essential point to notice in order to find the right starter credit card which is suitable the most for you.


Categories of Starter Credit Cards

Before you hunt the right starter credit cards, which is really good for you to know some types of the starter credit card which you can choose from based on your condition. Thus, you will know what kind of credit card which will be suitable the most for you.

The first category or part is starter credit cards for people with no credit. This is for the people who do not have loan or credit card in their name yet so that their score of credit is still 0.

If you have no credit, then you can use the starter credit cards for building the credit score which is then it will help you to get the more credit and loan for purchasing automobile, properties, and so on. One of the ideas which you can choose is the type of secured credit card.

Another part is the starter credit cards for no credit. It can be something you can consider for dealing with the need of the credit card without dealing with the credit check, especially for them who have no good credit score.

It may be something hard to apply a credit card if you have such the condition. That is why this may be a good solution for you and it may be helpful in fixing your credit score.

The next type or category is starter credit cards for students. If you are students, applying the started credit card is of course really possible.

If you are going to apply the credit card, you need to know the requirements. You may be required to have some income so that they will calculate your capability in repaying the loan.


17 Well Known Starter Credit Cards

There are so many options for the starter credit cards which you may find. Below we have some well-known options which you may consider.

Credit Card NameFeatures and Benefits
1. Discover It - for Students
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There is no annual fee.

There is fair credit needed.

The APR is about 14% to 23% variable, while the purchase intro APPR is about 0% for about six months. The 3% balance transfer is required, while there is no fee for the foreign transaction.
2. Capital One – Platinum Credit Card
starter credit card2
There is no annual fee

The credit needed is fair, average, and limited

There is no penalty APR

The cash advance fee is about three percents

There is no balance transfer fee and no fee for foreign transaction required

It is helpful to give you a chance in building your credit. There is also the coverage of fraud for the risk of stolen or lost card.
3. Discover It – Secured Card
starter credit card3
There is free of annual fee and also fee of foreign transaction

The APR is about 24 percents variable

The balance transfer fee is about three percents

You will get the review associated with the account after about eight months. Then, you will get a chance for the unsecured credit.
4. Capital One – Secured Mastercard
No annual fee

The bad or limited credit

There is no fee of balance transfer, penalty APR, and even no fee for foreign transaction

You can manage the account easily by online. You are not required to pay the deposit.

5. Journey – Student Rewards by Capital One
Journey – Student Rewards by Capital One
There is no annual fee, intro transfer and purchases.

The credit needed is the limited, average, and fair.

There is also no fee for foreign transactions.

You can get the higher credit if you are great in the first five months. There is also the fraud coverage in dealing with the risk of the stolen or lost card.
6. Discover It - Chrome for students
Discover It - chrome for students
The annual fee is free

Fair credit required

The regular APR is about 14 to 23 percents

Some cash backs are offered at the gas station or even restaurants. There are also some rewards for the good grades become another good point.
7. Alliant Visa Signature Card
alliant visa signature card
Free annual fee for the first year, then it will be $59

The APR is about 11 to 14 %, while the APR of penalty is about 24%

There is 3% fee of balance transfer

There is no fee for foreign transactions

There is the service of the insurance for travel accident. The protection of identity theft is also guaranteed.
8. American Express – Green Card
American Express – Green Card
Free annual fee for the first year and for the next is $95

2.7% for the fee of the foreign transactions.

There is no charge of the interest because you can pay full for any months. There are some rewards which are offered.
9. American Express – Cash Back
American Express – Cash Back
There is no check of the credit

The fee per year us about $6

There is 2.7% fee of the foreign transaction

There is no hidden fee which will be required. There is a cash back which is offer and t is about a percent.
10. Alliant Visa – Platinum Reward Cards
Alliant Visa – Platinum Reward Cards
The annual fee, balance transfer fee are free

The APR is about 14 to 24% with the penalty of about 24%

Fee for foreign transaction is only 1%

The fraud liability is free. There are lots of options for the payment which offer some simplicity.
11. QuickSilverOne – Cash Rewards Credit Card by Capital One
QuickSilverOne – Cash Rewards Credit Card by Capital One
The credit which is required is limited, average, and fair

The annual fee is about $39

The APR is about $24 variable

You can use the online banking for dealing with your account. Getting the chance for the higher credit based on your performance.

12. Spark – Classic for Business by Capital One
Spark – Classic for Business by Capital One
The free annual fee

The limited, average, and fair credit required

The APR is 24%

There is the coverage for the fraud risk in dealing with the lost or stolen card. This is great for the business need.
13. AAA Member Rewards – Visa Credit Cards
AAA Member rewards – Visa Credit Cards
There is no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee

The APR is from 14 to 24%, while the penalty is less than 30%

You will get some points which would not expire for some years (about 5 years). There is the liability guarantee for free.
14. AARP – Credit Card from Chase
AARP – Credit Card from Chase
The annual fee is free

The APR starts from 17.5 to 24.3% with no penalty

The fee for foreign transaction is about three percents

The protection of liability is 0. There is the automatic donation to fight against the hunger so that you can easily donate.
15. Amalgamated Bank – Visa Business Rewards Plus Card
Amalgamated Bank – Visa Business Rewards Plus Card
The annual fee is about $50

The APR is from 13-24%

Fee for foreign transactions is 2-3%

The full day service of the card member is available. This is accepted worldwide.
16. Amalgamated Bank – Travel Rewards Card
Amalgamated Bank – travel rewards Card
The annual fee is about $95

The APR is from 13-24% with no penalty and no fee for foreign transactions

There is the easy insurance for travel inconvenience. There is also the insurance for the rental car.
17. Amazon – Reward Visa Signature Cards
Amazon – Reward Visa Signature Cards
The free annual fee

The APR is 15 to 23% with the free penalty

The free fee for the foreign transaction

There are some great insurances you can get. There is also the reimbursement for the lost bags.


How to Apply and Login Starter Credit Cards and How to Check the Balance?

If you want to apply the starter credit cards, you can simply go to their site and get some helpful info there. That is including about how to login and check the balance.

They may be different from one to another types and also issuers. That is much better for you to get the clear info about the issuer properly so that you can contact them easily.



In conclusion, the starter credit cards are totally helpful for lots of people. That is especially for the students, beginner with no credit, and even for the fair credit one.

If you want a credit card for home improvement or business development, Lowes credit card is a good choice.

If you have some problems to your starter credit cards, that is good to contact them. Each of them has the contact to call or you can go to their site.