How Do Target Visa Gift Cards Work

How Do Target Visa Gift Cards Work?

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Target Visa Gift Cards

Perhaps no other question is asked more often than “How do Target Visa gift cards work?

Yes, offering more flexibility than gift certificates, Target Visa Gift Card has been highly regarded as one of the best gift card options.

Its flexibility can be clearly seen in the millions of nationwide locations accepting the gift card.

Wherever Visa Debit Cards are accepted, your Target Visa Gift Card can automatically be used as well.

Available in various denomination options to cater to your needs, the Target Visa Gift Card typically comes in 20-dollars, 25-dollars, 50-dollars, and 100-dollars.

However, it’s worth noting that Visa has recently rolled out a few unique denominations such as the 206-dollar gift card.

While the existence of gift cards was quite controversial in the beginning following various massive data breach,  Target has not wavered in its offer.

The establishment has consistently been offering gift cards supported by either Visa and MasterCard.

How Do Target Visa Gift Cards Work


How to use my Target Visa Card?

However, when it comes to the technical aspect of it, many customers are find it difficult to fathom a few things. Knowing how it works and how to use it are two of the most common questions asked by customers and card holders.

Using the card is incredibly easy, to say the least.

Your Target Visa Gift Card simply can be used in merchant accepting Visa cards as you would when shopping using your Visa Debit Card.

All you have to do is present your Target Visa Gift Card to cashier at the time of making payments and simply sign the receipts.

However, when it comes to shopping online, a few precautions must be taken into consideration in order to ensure smooth shopping experience.

Yes, your Target Visa Gift Card can also be used for online shopping.

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However, before you make your online purchase, you must visit mybalancenow site to first register ZIP code and other required information.

While you may also call its hotline at 1-800-698-4952 to register your ZIP code, we find it easier to just do so via

Simply because you will also be able to check other things related to your card on the site – including your account balance.

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What is MyBalanceNow and how does it work?

MyBalanceNow is an integral webportal dedicated to sort out of all your online transaction using the Target Visa Gift Card. If you have ever wondered the steps needed to check my account balance now, this webportal is the answer.

Not only can it be used to check the balance of your Target Visa Gift Card, the webportal can also be used to do other online transactions.

Yes, with this webportal, you no longer have to go to Target only to check your card’s balance.

Those needing to check the history of their purchase can also go to the appropriate section of the webportal. However, in order to do so, customers should register their card on the webportal.

To register, simply enter your Target Visa Gift Card information such as the card number, CVV code and expire date. Every time you log in, you will be prompted to repeat the process, and it’s worth noting that this step is also required to check Mastercard gift card balance.



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