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Peacock Gift Card

Are you among those who are looking for a Peacock Gift Card?
Currently, many people are looking for Peacock TV gift cards because Peacock TV has many customers who like shows and shows on Peacock TV. Their reason, of course, is to be able to enjoy more premium shows, channels and shows by subscribing to the paid version of Peacock TV.

What is Peacock Gift Card?

Unfortunately Peacock gift cards are not currently available and there has been no official statement from Peacock whether they will sell them. We will inform you through this blog if there is any latest news about the Peacock Gift Card. So bookmark this blog.

Peacock TV is the new streaming service from NBCUniversal. Currently Peacock is the best of streaming and the best of TV in US. You can watch more than 40,000 hours of hit movies, musics, TV shows, live sports, News and more.

While searching about Peacock Tv it would be nice if you also know about the things that people like you often ask about Peacock TV and its services.

Peacock gift card

Peacock TV FAQ

Here is a summary of some frequently asked questions by many Peacock TV customers and their solutions.

Is Peacock tv gift card available?

Peacock gift cards is not currently available and we don’t get any information yet about Peacock streaming gift card.

Is Peacock prepaid card available?

Peacock gift cards is not currently available but who knows may be they will sell it.

What is Amex Peacock?

Amex peacock or American Express Peacock is a a collaboration program between American Express credit card and Peacock TV. This collaboration takes the form of earn additional rewards on Peacock TV streaming subscription purchases.

Amex peacock offer or Amex peacock benefits are in the form of get up to $20 in statement credits each month when you use your Amex Platinum Card for eligible purchases directly on Peacock TV website, not eligible from Peacock app. This statement credit can be an annual savings of up to $240!. Wow this is cool!

Does Peacock do prepaid cards?

Currently Peacock doesn’t accept prepaid cards.

Can you pay Peacock using visa card?

Yes you can pay Peacock using visa credit card.

Does Peacock issue a reward card?

Unfortunately Peacock doesn’t issue a reward card.

How to use Peacock redeem card?

Currently Peacok TV doesn’t have redeem card.

Where to buy Peacock gift vouchers?

Unfortunately the company don’t have Peacock gift vouchers.

Does Peacock network have gift cards?

Currently Peacock network don’t have gift cards.

What payment methods does Peacock accept?

Peacock accepts credit card, PayPal or in-app purchase on supported devices.

Peacock gift card

How can I pay for Peacock for a year?

You can pay for Peacock for a year or a 17% savings compared to the monthly plan by following these steps:
1. Choose a plan, Get Peacock Premium or Get Peacock Premium Plus.
2. Click annual plans which costs you $49.99 peryear for Peacock Premium and $99.99 peryear for Peacock Premium Plus.
3. Click Get Premium or Get Premium Plus.
4. Choose payment method, type in your billing information such as email, password, full name, gender, date of birth, zip code, promo code if you have one.
5. Create account.

Do you have to have a credit card for Peacock?

No you don’t have to have a credit card for Peacock TV, you also can pay with Paypal or in-app purchase on supported devices.

How do I get free Peacock premium?

You can get free Peacock premium by sharing with other users.

Can you pay for Peacock through iTunes?

Yes you can pay for Peacock through iTunes by following these stepes :
1. If you don’t have Peacock app, please download from Apple app store.
2. Go and Tap to Account within Peacock app.
3. Choose the plan available.
4. Now you are registered for Peacock.
5. You can pay through iTunes.

Peacock gift card3

How much is Peacock a month?

Peacock is free for thousands of hours of movies and TV shows—plus daily news, Thousands of Hours of Movies & TV, Channels Only on Peacock, Kids Shows & Movies, and Telemundo Spanish-Language Series, sports talk, and highlights.

Peacock Premium for everything in Peacock with additional Live Sports Including Premier League, Live Events Including WWE, Exclusive Peacock Original Series, Next-Day Access to NBC & Bravo Hits, Megahit Movies & TV, Full Access to Kids Shows & Movies with ads for $4.99 permonth or $49.99 peryear.

Peacock Premium Plus for everyting in Peacock Premium plus content with fewer ads for $5 permonth or $50.00 peryear.

Does Peacock have a free trial?

No Peacock doesn’t have a free trial. Just sign up Peacock TV and you can get free contents with ads.

How do I get my Peacock free for 3 months?

Not only do you get 3 months free but it’s free for the next by registering as a Peacock TV user.

How many people can watch Peacock at once?

Maximum 3 concurrent streams on your account at once.

Why is Peacock not accepting my payment method?

There are many reasons why Peacock is not accepting your payment method :
1. You input wrong information details.
2. You pay with prepaid card or gift card.
3. You pay with debit card.
4. You pay from a credit card that is not from US.

Please watch this video tutorial below on how to sign up Peacock TV.


That’s the explanation about Peacock TV and Peacock Gift Card. Do you have any question or experience about Peacock TV? If yes please comment and share below.

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