PrepaidGiftBalance vs MyPrepaidBalance: Which One Is the Best

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Prepaidgiftbalance vs Myprepaidbalance

A transaction with cash is something that most people don’t do these days. They prefer using a card, like a prepaid card from Prepaidgiftbalance or other providers.

This time, we have already tried two providers of this prepaid card. They are Prepaidgiftbalance and Myprepaidbalance.
Both of them offer a service to make a cashless transaction. So, let’s see what kind of benefits and differences both cards have.

The Features of PrepaidGiftBalance and MyPrepaidBalance

First of all, both of them provide a prepaid card balance checker service. You can find it more on both websites, which are prepaidgiftbalancecom and

1. The process to check the balance is similar to each other. Use your prepaid card number and security code, then the tool will give you detailed information about your balance.
2. The register and activation process is also similar. As for PrepaidGiftBalance, you need to visit the website and click the “Register” tab on its homepage.
Next, you only need to follow the process to avoid the prepaidgiftbalance register problem. It is also the same for the activation process.
Visit the website and start the prepaidgiftbalance activate the card after you enter your card PIN. Make sure you don’t forget the prepaidgiftbalance login, so you can adjust your information.
3. As for MyPrepaidBalance, Myprepaidbalance register your card right after you create an account. You can do it from the MyPrepaidBalance website.
You can still use the card without registration. But we recommend you finish the registration to ensure you can have a safer transaction.
Both the prepaidgiftbalance visa and MyPrepaidBalance card are only usable in the US. Unfortunately, if you live in other countries, you may have to use other providers.


The Difference between Prepaid Gift Balance and My Prepaid Balance

1. One of the biggest differences between Prepaidgiftbalance and MyPrepaidBalance is the reload service. We can say that MyPrepaidBalance offers a much easier reload process.
To reload your prepaid card from Prepaidgiftbalance, you need to visit its website. Then, log in to your account by using your prepaid card’s 16-digit numbers.
Once you enter the account page, you can choose how you reload it. You can use a bank transfer or use the “Reload Pack” you purchase from the store.
2. However, MyPrepaidBalance uses a much better reload method. After Myprepaidbalance activate your card, you are ready to reload anytime you need it.
On the activation page, you also need to enter the reload method you want to use. There are four methods here, which are:
1. Direct deposit,
2. Pay it at in-branch or office,
3. Use online reload at,
4. Pay it at Western Union.

This automaton process gives MyPrepaidBalance more advantages over Prepaidgiftbalance. This feature is suitable for you who are busy with your job and life.


Advantages and Disadvantages

Now, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of both services.


1. Usable in many places,
2. Easy to apply at the bank,

1. Low-security website (still using HTTP),
2. It doesn’t use a Visa policy,
3. You have to keep using it.


1. Easy to reload,
2. Usable in many places in the US
3. Safe website to activate and register.

1. No contribution to your credit history.


So, which one is the better choice between PrepaidGiftBalance and MyPrepaidBalance? The answer is MyPrepaidBalance.
MyPrepaidBalance has the best features and safety. As for Prepaidgiftbalance, you might need to consider its safety before applying it, plus it got a lot of negative feedback from its users.

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