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Pay Your Way – Discover the Best Chipotle Payment Methods

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Chipotle Payment Methods

Chipotle, one of the famous Mexican fast-casual restaurants in the US, accepts various payment methods.

Chipotle Payment

Here are the chipotle payment methods you can use :

1. Credit Card
2. Debit Card
3. Google Pay
4. Apple Pay
5. Samsung Pay
6. PayPal
7. Gift Cards

Chipotle Payment Reviews

However, many chipotle reviews reveal that many people experience some problems with them. Here are some examples of their problem and the solution.

1. Why did Chipotle reject my credit card?

Mostly, it is because your credit card has reached its limit when you pay your Chipotle order. So, use a different credit card or other payment method.

chipotle payment methods

2. Why did Chipotle reject my debit card?

This chipotle debit card problem happens because there is not enough balance in your account. Add more balance so you can use it to pay your Chipotle order.

3. My Google Pay doesn’t work on Chipotle payment

It happens because you enter the wrong billed amount of your order. Reenter the correct amount will fix the problem.

4. Apple Pay doesn’t work for paying Chipotle order

It happens when your phone is in low battery. Charge it to full capacity to solve this problem.

5. I didn’t get my bonus reward after I pay my order

You forgot to enter the chipotle rewards code before you pay it. Make sure you do it next time before you pay your order when you order from Chipotle.

6. My Chipotle gift card doesn’t work

It is the balance problem. Check the balance to see if it is enough to pay for your order.

7. I can’t use my gift card at the restaurant and the Chipotle app

This problem occurs because of many factors. But, most of the time, you forget to activate your gift card.
Make sure you activate your chipotle gift card before you use it. If you don’t know how to contact Chipotle customer service at 1-800-CHIPOTLE

chipotle payment methods

8. I can’t use my Chipotle Birthday rewards to get the Chipotle menu that I want

You do not have enough points to redeem for those items. So, buy more and collect more points for your chipotle reward card.

9. The staff rejects my cash when I want to pay my order

The chipotle policy is to accept only exact change or online/digital chipotle payment methods. So, you pay with exact change or the digital payment method (debit, credit, PayPal, or other).

10. I can’t pay my order via the Chipotle app

It could be the app server is down and in maintenance status. Wait for a couple of minutes, restart, and try to pay for your order.

11. I can’t use multiple payment methods on Chipotle website

You can only use one payment method on the website. Choose one and ensure your chipotle credit card or other payment method has enough balance.

12. I can’t pay an order with a Chipotle gift card

Make sure you add your gift card code on the payment page. Click the “Add Card” button on the gift card section to add your code for payment.

13. I can’t use my birthday reward code on my order

Make sure you add the free items you get from the reward into your cart. Then, use the code on the payment page to get them.

14. Chipotle rejects me when I pay my order

If you use a credit or debit card, you use the wrong PIN. Try to do it again slowly to ensure you use the correct PIN.

15. Whenever I try to pay through the app, it shows a “payment processing unavailable” message

Try to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. Otherwise, you might be banned.


That’s everything that you need to know about chipotle payment methods. We hope you can use them as a reference to solve your problem.

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