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Cox Payment Methods – How to Choose the Best Option for You

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Cox Payment Methods Reviews

Cox Communication, Inc. is an American digital cable television provider, telecommunications, and home automation services. You should learn about Cox payment methods and everything about it before using this service. 

Cox Payment Methods Reviews and Solutions

Payment Centers

Users can pay their Cox bills by going to the nearest Cox payment centers. Then, they can pay their bills with cash, check, credit card, or debit card. 

Pay with Apple Pay

You can also pay your Cox bill online using Apple Pay.

Bank Account

Use your bank account to pay your Cox bill off. 

Common Cox Complaints

Billing Error

Some users receive a notice that they owe Cox, but they don’t. You should contact Cox customer service at 1-800-234-3993. Ensure that you call them during working hours from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Cox is ready to help you from Monday to Friday.

Problem Updating Payment Info

Cox credit card is available, but sometimes the system doesn’t let you add a credit card while the payment is pending. Call customer service at 1-800-234-3993 and explain your problem. They will find the best solution.

cox payment methods

Any Problem with Debit Card

Cox also accepts a debit card to pay your Cox bills. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to face a problem with a Cox debit card. You should go to the nearest counter to get the best solution. Alternatively, contact customer support to help you.

A Problem with a Cancelation Fee

You should carefully read the terms and conditions related to a cancellation fee. You have to confirm your problem to customer service and bring all the documents or any crucial information to cancel your cancellation fee.

Can’t Use PayPal to Pay Cox Bills

Cox Communication doesn’t include PayPal as one of the Cox payment methods. It is the reason why you can’t use your Cox PayPal to pay your bills. Try other payment alternatives, such as debit cards and credit cards. 

Can’t Use Cox Prepaid Card

You should contact customer support dealing with Cox prepaid card issues. It is because Cox Communications inc. accept a prepaid card as one of their payment methods. 

Can’t Use Cox Gift Card

Contact Cox customer support if you have a problem with your Cox gift card. You can also go to the nearest Cox Communication inc. counter to get a solution. They will help you because this company accepts a Cox gift card to pay your bills.  

Having a Problem with Cox Prepaid Mastercard

Cox Communications inc. accept prepaid cards, including prepaid Mastercard. Because of that, you should call customer support or directly go to the nearest counter if you have a problem with Cox prepaid Mastercard.

Can’t Use Apple Pay to Pay Cox Bills

You have to understand that Cox Communications inc. doesn’t accept Apple Pay as their payment method. Because of that, you can’t use Cox Apple Pay to pay bills. Use other cards, such as credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid cards to pay your bills. 

Can’t Use Google Pay to Pay Cox Bill

It is a common thing if you can’t use Google Pay to pay Cox bills even if you correctly enter all the requirements. You should know that Cox doesn’t accept Google Pay to pay bills. 

Can’t Use Your Cryptocurrency Coins

Cryptocurrency becomes the latest payment method. Unfortunately, Cox Communications inc. seems doesn’t have any plan to add their payment options. It is the reason why you can’t use cryptocurrency to pay Cox bills.

Can’t Use Amazon Pay

You may use the Amazon Pay platform right now and want to use it to pay Cox Bills. You can’t do it because Amazon Pay is not connected to Cox Communication Inc.

Can’t Use Shop Pay

Cox Communications inc. accepts several cards, including credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards. So far, this company doesn’t accept Shop Pay as their payment method.

cox payment methods

Can’t Use Alipay

Indeed, you can’t use Alipay to pay your Cox bill. It is because Cox doesn’t accept Alipay so far.


What if you can’t add a card and change method of payment? Cox payment methods make you comfortable paying your bills. The server may down when you can’t change the payment method and accept cards. Call customer support to fix this problem. 

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