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What is LowesNet.com?

LowesNet is the internet portal for Lowe’s employee and if you work at Lowe’s then this article will be useful for you.
Lowe’s is one of the largest companies in the USA, not to mention its popularity which offers all products for home improvement as well as the hardware.

This is why the “My Lowe’s Life”, a system of self-service human resource, has been created to serve more than 250,000 employees to help the employees managing their needs.

The website https://MyLowesLife.com is accessible for all Lowe’s employee to get all resources about work.

It is the only Lowe’s Employee Portal to make it easier for you who work at Lowe’s to access any work-related stuff like the work schedule, online.
The portal also allows the employees to view the mylowesbenefits information, tax info, and the account details for direct deposit.

Lowe’s Employee Portal

Logging in to https://MyLowesLife.com will allow you to see your schedule, view your previous paystub, and manage the benefits you can get from the Lowes employee portal.
You can also get the HR phone numbers, information about login, and also the FAQ below.


How to access LowesNet – Lowe’s employee portal?

As we have mentioned earlier, you can access the LowesNet portal through the website, https://MyLowesLife.com.
You just need to insert the web address into your browser’s address bar.

After the browser has loaded the website of Lowe’s Employee, you will see the login page on the website.
Before you go to the next process, you must sign in to the website first which only take a few minutes.


What Information can you access through the Lowes Employee portal?

There are many things you can do and view after you have passed the Lowes employee login.
The information on the website includes:

1. The paycheck information, which will show your pay stubs.
The pay stubs will let you know how much bucks you have gathered and figure out how the paycheck has been delivered.
2. The direct deposit information, which will display the account you have signed to receive your regular paycheck from Lowe’s.
3. The tax information includes the w-2 form.
Anyway, the form is pretty critical when it comes to tax filing.
4. The benefit details will show you many benefits specifically addressed to the employees as well as how you can extend your eligibility to get more and more benefits.
5. The work hours you have been spent at Lowe’s, which could be very helpful to figure out how the paycheck has been delivered at.
6. The work schedule that will allow you to know when you have to go to work and when you can take your time off.

What Functions can you perform on the Lowes Employee portal?

There are various functions you can do after you have My Lowe’s Login ID or username.
They are such as:

1. Viewing and updating direct deposit information detail.
Updating your information detail on the direct deposit tab becomes very necessary if you have another bank account and wish that the paycheck is sent to that account.
2. Updating the benefits information detail.
Your information detail on the benefits tab can be updated or changed if there is a change in the family.
For example, if there is a new family member who needs to be included in benefits.
3. Searching for internal job openings.
All employees of Lowe’s are allowed and possible to change the jobs as long as it is within the organization.
The myloweslife portal will show you the “Lowe’s career opportunity” tab which you can use to find around the job openings within the Lowe’s.
4. Applying for internal job openings.
After you search for the job openings and find the one that suits your background, you can definitely apply for it.
In this case, you can still get through the next step which is signing in your actual applications via the portal.
5. Asking for time-off.
If you wish to not involve in work stuff on a certain date for certain hours, the website can accommodate it.
You can view your duty hours and if later you want to make a request for a time-off.

How to use Lowe’s employee portal ?

Accessing the employee portal of Lowe’s is easy yet simple because you just need to follow three main steps.
So, the steps are such as:

1. Access the website of Lowe’s Employees.
As we have mentioned earlier, you just need to enter the web address of the portal, https://MyLowesLife.com into the browser’s address bar. The browser will bring you to the portal in no time.
2. Logging into the Lowe’s Employees portal.
After you arrive in the website and see the login page, you need to sign in first before continuing to the next step.
You need to enter the sales number as well as your password into the box to sign into the portal – then click the “Login” box.
3. Accessing the information and feature you need in the portal.
There are various links and menus in the portal of LowesNet that will navigate you around.
For example, you click the “Other Links” menu in order to view your on-duty schedule.
The same methods are applicable to view other tabs within the portal. It’s so easy right?

Lowe’s Employee Benefits Program Highlights

Basically, the benefits offered by Lowe’s to its employees can be accessed from the main website https://myloweslife.com.
However, there is also another website called https://mylowesbenefits.com if you want to change and update or apply for the benefits offered by the company.

Other than serving the customers, Lowe’s wants to be responsible for the employees and you simply log in to Lowe’s SSO in order to find clear information about each benefit.
So, the company provides various benefits for the employees and we are going to discuss it below.

In the portal, you may also see the information about the Lowes credit card for the employee.
Other than that, you could be eligible for a special rate designed for the employees of Lowe’s.

1. Health Benefits

The health benefits cover for various plans such as medical plans, prescription drug (generic up to the specialty drugs), dental low plan, dental high plan, and dental high plan.
It also covers vision low plan, vision high plan, and My Life Track Health along with wellness benefits.
However, most coverage plans require the worker to be a regular full-time employee with at least continuously 89 days employment.

2. Life Insurance Benefits

After you have passed My Lowe’s Login, you can view the benefits tab for the employees.
One of the benefits stated on the website is the Life Insurance benefits.
The basic term and hourly employee term life insurance are designed for all regular full-time employees.
The contribution rate depends on your salary type and it is already stated in the benefits brochure.
The next benefit is a supplemental term, dependent term, and accidental death along with dismemberment employees.
The rates depend on the life insurance amount and the employee’s age.
It also offers the business travel accident insurance designed for all full-time employees.
The rate is provided by the company if you are interested in this benefit.

3. Income Protection Benefits

If you log into your LowesNet account, you basically can also access the information of the Lowe’s carrers and other benefits.
The income benefits are also one of the benefits you can get if you are eligible for it.
The benefits include the short-term and long-term disability insurance for all regular employees who have been working for full-time.
The rates are basically provided by the company and the income protection benefits are really putting the employees at ease.

4. Retirement Benefits

There are two types of plan in this tab such as 401 (k) plan and stock purchase plan.
Each benefit is applicable for all employees who have been working at Lowe’s for full-time but there will be other requirements if you are interested in this benefit.
The 401 (k) Plan is designed for you to invest and make a plan for your future, which will allow you to save up to 50% of the compensation you are eligible of.
Meanwhile, the Stock Purchase plan will allow you to buy stocks of Lowe’s with 15% Lowe’s employee discount.

5. Time-Off Benefits

This benefit covers your vacation time-off and holiday time-off benefits, which are offered to all Lowe’s employees who have been working for a full-time basis.
The rate is provided by the company so you can ask the HR if you want to know further information about these benefits.

There are also other benefits that include:
1. Flexible spending account.
2. Health saving account.
3. Critical illness plan.
4. Off-the-job accident plan.
5. Fixed indemnity plan.
6. Auto and home insurance.
7. And many more.

All information is accessible through the LowesLife official website and you can also ask the HR in case you need anything to ask.
Watch this video below how to access KRONOS Workforce Central.

FAQ from LowesNet Users

Q: Where and how to check your Lowe’s work schedule online?
A: Go to the https://myloweslife.com and log in with your sales account along with the password.
Find the “other links” tab and go to KRONOS Workforce Central which will display you a message box and you need to click “Yes, I acknowledge” and “Continue”.
Later, you will face two options for your schedule: “Staffing” and “My Work and Absence Summary”.
I highly recommend you to choose the second option because it will display your work schedule for more than the whole week.

Q: Where and how to use the search tool?
A: You can use the navigation bar on the top of the website and choose your preference of shopping such as by room or by the department.
The Search bar can be used to find what you need by inserting the name of the brand, item number, or the model number by the manufacturers.

Q: How to solve myloweslife login trouble?
A: If the problem is beyond your capacity, please call the HR Staff to get a direct solution.

Q: How to solve myloweslife not working?
A: This case may indicate that the website is currently down due to so many people access the website at the same time. All you need to do is wait for an hour or two.
And if the problem is not solved, you may try to access it using the different internet connection.
The HR Staff would be happy to help you in case the problem is not solved.

Q: How to solve Lowe’s Kronos not working?
A: The simplest way is by speaking to your HR Staff.
However, there are several things you need to check because sometimes the problem comes from your browser or internet connection on computer or mobile phones.
So, you need to update the Java of your browser, check the view settings compatibility, add the website to the trusted zone, and if those did not work then you can try with another browser. If the problem is still not solved then contacting the Kronos support will be great.

The Summary

If there is some trouble when you are logging into MyLowesLife login account or another issue with LowesNet then you can ask the HR Staff because they may have a solution to help you.

You can reach them at 1-888-HRINFO5 or 1-336-658-3535 through your phone directly.

How to apply to Lowe’s

The job opportunities can be accessed through https://jobs.lowes.com.
The website will show you all careers and jobs related to Lowe’s.
You can open one by one of the options and see if the Lowe’s credit requirements are applicable for you or not.

Once you have found the perfect one or two for you, you can apply through the addressed box provided on the website. All information about the job opportunities is stated on the website so you do not need to worry about that.

However, if you are already an employee at Lowe’s and wishes to change the jobs then you can access your account through the website https://myloweslife.com and go to the “other links” to find the listing of available positions you can apply. Success with you.