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5 Best Prepaid Debit Cards with Lower to No Fees

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5 Best Prepaid Debit Cards

If you need the best debit card to give you peace of mind in payment, you may consider the prepaid debit card.
There are many prepaid debit card issuers to offer you various features, which will make you feel so confused and overwhelmed.
However, these five prepaid debit cards with lower to no fees definitely will make you more interested.

The Prepaid Debit Cards in a Nutshell

Those wanting to have a prepaid debit card don’t have to have a bank account.
It is not like a credit card. When you use this card meaning you use the money that you have reloaded into the card before.

Isn’t that convenient? You prevent yourself from having debt with this kind of debit card.
Some of the issuers offer the reloadable prepared cards with no fees, and some offer lower fees.

The 5 Best Prepaid Debit Cards to Offer You Low and No Fees to Consider :

1. Bluebird by The American Express.

Bluebird by The American Express which also has cooperation with Walmart,
offers its customers to use and reload this Bluebird card without any fee payment needed.

However, this Bluebird card has a limitation in acceptance. Not all retailers accept this card.
Even if there is an acceptance, the issuer forbids retailers to give cash back rewards to the users.

Amex bluebird prepaid debit card11

In their website Bluebird Prepaid Card has features such as :
– No Monthly fees
– No Overdraft fees
– Free Direct deposit
– Free Bill pay

For the online activation and inactivation, the users don’t have to pay.
Like a common prepaid debit card, potential customers don’t need to have a credit check.

Any purchase is free, and for ATM transactions in any ATMs including their operators, card owners have to pay for only 2.5 dollars.
However, if you have the transaction in the Money Pass ATM, you don’t have to pay.

It is also possible for the card owners to write a check, multiply the card for four family members, and save money.
However, you cannot transfer money to other banks, and the shopping places to only accept Visa
and Master cards don’t accept the use of the American Express’ prepaid debit cards.

People having this card can check their account balance via their mobile and use the Walmart checkout register for free.
If you want to apply for this card you can do it online.

Just browse its website and apply.
It is wise if you learn about this card thoroughly before you apply.

2. Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card

Movo Card which has a great way to protect every online transaction its customers make—it offers the secondary card with the same number, which only can be used once.
So, this can prevent the data breaches and hacks.

movo prepaid debit card11

Movo has features such as :
– Free register and activate
– No Monthly Fees
– FDIC Insured
– Quick Direct deposit

It offers some features to make you possible do to the transactions, such as offline and online purchases, ATM transactions, and reload money.
All of those transactions are free of charge, except if the users use the cards in the ATM outside the network.

The charge is only two dollars. Don’t attempt to withdraw money more than the balance, since you will have to pay one dollar for the declination.
Card owners don’t have to pay for monthly payment even if they are inactive.

It is very easy to check the balance, just use your smart phone which is free of charge.
If you wish to pay for your monthly house bills like electricity bill, you only have to pay 75 cents.

Nowadays, American people are easier with the internet.
The online application of anything including this kind of card is possible.
Just go to the web and learn it well before deciding to apply for this.

3. Consider the Fifth Third Access 360 Reloadable Prepaid Card

This Prepaid debit card which makes you possible to multiply for whomever you want to have in your life including your house assistant.
Another feature this card offers is reloading money with direct deposit, savings account, and fifth-third checking.
It is also possible for you to withdraw and transfer money to this card.

fifth third access 360 prepaid debit cards

Fifth Third Access 360 has features such as :
– No cost to open or to add, withdraw or transfer funds to card
– Get protection from unauthorized purchases on your account

Tracking your purchasing history is easier with the online banking and mobile app.
In a monthly period, if you deposit to your card five hundred dollars or more, you can withdraw money from fifty-thousand-nation-wide-in-network ATMs with no fees at all.
If the ATMs are not in the network, so you will have to pay for only 2.75 dollars.

If you are abroad and you use this card, the issuer requires you to pay five dollars for every transaction you make in the international ATMs.
Yes, every American can apply for its card both offline and online, but not every state is available with this card.

4. Paypal Prepaid MasterCard

This Prepaid card links to the Paypal account, which makes it possible for you to reload money to your Paypal prepaid card.
It also possible for you to reload money from the retails having cooperation with the issuer.
You don’t have to pay the fee for direct reloading.

paypal prepaid debit card

Paypal Prepaid MasterCard has features such as :
– No purchase fee to get the card
– No cost direct deposit service

If you have an online purchasing using this card, you will not have to pay the fee.
It is possible for you to check your account balance and the history of your transaction via your smart phone.

Another good thing about this debit card is the cash back rewards.
The issuer gives you the access to get your money two days earlier than other issuers after doing the free-of-charge-direct deposit.

If you need to have this card just apply it online or go to its office.
It is wiser if you gather all the information about the cards from the customers’ review before you apply for it.
Ask as many questions as possible to the customer service to make you more confident.


5. Chase Liquid Card from the Chase Bank is for you to consider

This is to prevent you from doing the transaction with the Chase ATM which will charge for the cash withdrawal and fund reloading.

chase liquid prepaid debit card

Chase Liquid Card has features such as :
– Monthly fee $4.95
– No fees to open or reload your card
– No overdraft fees
– Get protection from unauthorized purchases on your account

There are twenty-three states with the Chase Bank branches to offer American people this kind of card.
They don’t have to pay for the payment if they want to apply for this card since this is also one of the prepaid cards with no fees.

However, they are required to have the insurance at FDIC to protect the card from frauds.
The FDIC will be responsible for the funds with the maximum amount the law will allow.

The card also has the chip for more protection.
If you withdraw money from other ATM outside the Chase ATM, you’ll have to pay 2.5 dollars.

If your Chase prepaid card links to the Chase Bank you will have to pay 4.95 dollars for the fee.
If you are abroad and you use this card you will have to pay for the payment.
Just go to the Chase Bank office to apply for this.


To conclude this article, this prepaid debit card is for those who don’t have a bank account.
Some people are not qualified to have a bank account, right?
So, this card will suit them well.

If there is something wrong when you do the transactions with this card,
you will have to make a complaint to the financial protection bureau available for the customers.

If you have a prepaid card and also have gift card and you want to check Gift card balance, MyBalanceNow and PrepaidCardStatus are the good places to go.


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