Solving Your McDVoice: Top 15 Complaints and Solutions

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McDonalds Survey and Coupons- Collection of Complaints and Solutions

Below, we have 15 problems that many customers face, when they use the mcdvoice, the name of this survey.
You also can find solutions that you can use if you find that problem.

1. We Can’t Access the www mcdvoice com

Some customer can’t open the website, to take the McDonalds survey.
It shows the unavailable page when they open the website on the browser.
Solution: clear the cache of your browser. Use the latest browser, so you can enter the website.

2. The Slow Survey Loading Speed

Some customer needs to wait a really long time to finish the mcdvoice survey.
After they fill out the survey code, they can’t move to the question page.
Solution: Check the internet connection. Make sure the connection is stable.


3. The Survey Code Doesn’t Work

Even though the customer enters the McDonalds survey code, they can’t access the question page.
Instead, they end up on the “Don’t have the code” page.
Solution: make sure you put the code correctly.

4. The Survey Code Doesn’t Work too

Although you use the correct code, you still can’t join the McDonalds survey.
Once again, you’ve ended up at the page for acquiring the code.
Solution: check the validation period. Make sure, you use code within 30 days after you make a purchase.

5. You can’t use the coupon code

Even though you have finished the survey, you still can’t use the McDonalds coupons.
The coupon is still valid and is not expired.
Solution: make sure you use the coupon at the right outlet.
Usually, you can only use it at the outlet where you get the receipt.

6. You get wrong food when using the coupon

You use the coupon and get the wrong set of food.
The food is completely different than what you’ve ordered.
Solution: bring back the food to the outlet along with the receipt to get the right order.

7. You can’t find the code after finishing the McDonalds survey

You can’t find the code on the confirmation page at the end of the survey.
Solution: try to refresh the page, or redo the survey. It will make the code show up.

8. The coupon code can’t be used

The McDonalds survey coupon code that you receive from app can’t be used at a specific outlet.
Solution: make sure you bring the app and show the proof you get it from it.


9. Minor problems at

You have a problem when you visit to try the McDonalds com survey.
You feel uncomfortable when you take the survey, because of these problems.
Solution: Try the friendly version of the website.

10. Are there other languages for

You have a problem with the English version of the McDonalds survey website.
You prefer to use the Spanish than English.
Solution: change it into a Spanish version. Click the Español button on the top of home page.

11. The feel really slow to open

You wait too long to open the McDonalds survey website.
Solution: try to use the Wi-Fi connection.

12. You still have a problem with the survey

Although you do all the solution above, you still have a problem with the McDonalds survey website.
Solution: call the McDonald’s customer service at 1-800-244-6227

13. Buy one get one free problem

You can’t get the bonus, even though you use it through your McDonalds survey app.
Solution: call the customer service and leave the feedback.

14. You can’t find the topic that matches with your experience in the survey

At the mcdvoice con, you can’t find the question that you need.
Solution: use the feedback form to leave written response.

15. You don’t have the survey code

You receipt doesn’t have survey code you can use at McDonalds survey website.
Solution: use the form to receive the code at the www mcdvoice com.

Watch here how to make your phone faster again so you can use at McDonalds survey website.

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