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Swipe, Tap, Eat: The Evolution of Mcdonald Payment Methods

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Mcdonald Payment Methods and Customer Reviews

Everybody knows McDonald’s. This fast-food restaurant offers excellent service, delicious food, and a variety of McDonald’s payment methods.
Despite its popularity, McDonald’s still has to face myriad consumer complaints. Of course, as a reputable company, McDonald’s has its own way to handle complaints from its consumers.
In this article, we will find out about McDonald’s payment methods, common consumer complaints, as well as how the company addresses the complaints.

McDonald Payment Methods

1. Credit Card
Credit cards are the most common and the most convenient way to make a payment in McDonald’s. Whether you make online or offline purchases, you can easily use McDonald credit card to make a payment.
2. Debit Card
For those who don’t own credit cards, McDonald debit card can be an easy method to pay. It will feel like paying with cash with the convenience of a credit card.
3. Mobile Payment
Since mobile technology is currently on the rise right now, many companies utilize mobile payment systems. To use mobile payment, you must register your credit card on the payment app on your phone. For iPhone users, consumers can use the Apple Pay app to pay McDonald’s purchases.

mcdonald payment methods

Common Consumers Complaints

As a McDonald’s consumer, maybe you have experienced some disappointing services. Luckily, you are not alone. Here are some of the most common consumer complaints in McDonalds.
1. Hygiene is a problem in some of the stores. Sometimes the tables are not cleaned fast enough to be used by the next consumers.
2. Many consumers complain about how the ice cream machine seems to always be in maintenance and cannot be used. This is a shame since ice cream is a popular menu item in this restaurant.
3. Some of the stores are short-staffed. As a result, the waiting time can be very long, especially in the drive-thru area.
4. Some consumers complained about how the burgers are poorly assembled. The food doesn’t look like anything like in the picture.
5. There are errors in the mobile payment system. Sometimes the consumers are charged more than what they actually purchase.
6. Delivery drivers don’t understand the area. Consequently, delivery can take very long. Thankfully, the food is still warm since McDonald’s delivery always put the food in a food warmer.
7. Some McDonald’s staff often mix up the customer’s order. As a result, sometimes the customers don’t get the food that they order. In this case, some stores are willing to reimburse the customers, but some are not.
8. The taste of the food at some stores are not up to the standard. This is not McDonald’s fault as a restaurant, but due to the lack of willingness to serve in some of McD’s employees. Many consumers advice McDonald’s to do a better recruitment process.

mcdonald payment methods

McDonald’s Solution for the Complaints

McDonald’s is a reputable company that always takes consumer complaints seriously. In fact, this company actively seeks for improvement by encouraging consumers to fill surveys about their service.
This survey is called McDVoice. To fill this survey, simply go to www mcdvoice com. You will need to input a 26-digit code on your recipe into the website as a proof that you are McD’s customers.
After filling in McDonald’s survey, you can get a voucher coupon that can be redeemed at the nearest McD store. You can get burgers, muffins, coke, or ice cream. The products offered on the coupon can differ.


But if you have complaints about hygiene or food, you can directly see the store manager. Meanwhile, if you want to complain about online McDonald payment methods, it is best to contact the customer service or live call agent. Do you have any question or experience about McDonald Payment Methods? If yes please comment and share below.

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