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Mcdvoice – McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

McDonald’s has a special survey system to find out customer satisfaction level, which is called mcdvoice. Now, let’s find more about this unique system and how it really works.

What is McdVoice?

The mcdvoice, in simplest words, is an online customer survey from Mcdonald’s voice.
And, just like we explained above, they use it to find about customer satisfaction level towards McDonald’s service.

You can use mcdvoice survey service by accessing this online survey through their official website at www mcdvoice com.
At there, you can find the online survey form that you need to fill to finish the survey.

This survey is available in two languages, which is English and Spanish.
If you speak English, you can use the standard version, which is the English version.

You also can choose the Spanish version, if you speak Spanish or feel more comfortable using this language.
Just go to español version by clicking the “Español” on the home page of the website.


What are The Benefits of Using McdVoice Online Survey?

As a customer, we can get many benefits from using this online McDonalds survey service.
Here are some benefits that you can get, as a customer:

  1. You can review the McDonald’s service.
  2. You can help McDonald’s to improve their service, thus you get a better quality product.
  3. You can get a redemption code after you’ve finished this online survey.

For the code, you will find it at the end of the survey.
Make sure, you write the code on the receipt that you use to fill out the mcdvoice survey.

Now, you can use the McDonalds coupons from this survey within 30 days, after you finished the survey.
Just take it to the same store where you get the receipt, to redeem the code that you got.

McDonald’s itself also get many benefits by providing this online survey. Here are some of them:

  1. Finding out the customer experience when they use their service.
  2. Finding out the quality of employees service toward the customer.
  3. Evaluate the quality of the food.
  4. Evaluate the quality of the store and environment where customer eat.
  5. Get information about customers’ mental satisfaction.

Then, McDonald’s can use all of that mcdvoice information to create another innovative idea for their service.
Therefore, this survey is a very important resource for their business.


Terms and Condition for McDonald’s Survey

In order to take the survey, you must fulfill and know the term and condition for mcdonalds-survey.
Below, we listed for you the detail of terms and condition of using this online survey.

  1. You must be 18 years old or older.
  2. You must have a valid receipt from McDonald’s.
  3. You must have purchased the product from McDonald’s recently.
  4. You can only participate the survey within 30 days after made purchase.
  5. You can only use your receipt once, to take the mcdvoice survey.
  6. You must receive the survey code on your receipt.
  7. You can use the order number to take the survey, in case you don’t have the receipt.
  8. You can’t sell the coupon code you received after taking the mcdvoice survey.
  9. You must have a good internet connection.
  10. You must use an electronic device to take the mcdvoice survey, such as a computer or mobile gadget.
  11. You can redeem the code within 30 days after you received it.

McdVoice Features

The mcdvoice offers several features that can help you to take the survey from McDonald’s. Here are some of them:

  1. The Spanish version – you can take the survey in Spanish if you activate this feature.
  2. The code finder – if you don’t receive the survey code on your receipt, you can use this feature.
    Using the information from your receipt, you can acquire the survey code for taking this survey.
  3. The accessible version – you can activate this mcdvoice version if you have a problem to understand the information in the survey.

How to Take McDVoice Survey?

Now, after you know several basic things about McDonalds com survey, it’s time to take the survey.
Here is what you need to do, to take the survey:

  1. Use the gadget that you have, either a computer or mobile gadget.
  2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection or use the mcdvoice wifi.
  3. Prepare the receipt with the survey code on it.
  4. Open the survey website (, and get ready to take the survey.


Step-by-step Guide to Take McDonald’s Survey

Here, we have the guide for you who want to take the mcdvoice survey.

  1. Open the mcdvoice survey website,
  2. On the home page, fill out the bar with the survey code you have.
  3. Click “START” button to start the survey.
  4. You will lead to the page where you can find many questions about McDonald’s service.
  5. Answer all the questions honestly.

Note 1: most of the answers are the rating type answer.
So you need to give the rating for each subject to answer.
Note 2: you also can leave the feedback by writing it on the feedback form.
You can use it if you can’t find the question that matches with your problem.

  1. Once you’re finished answering, you can find the confirmation page,
  2. On the confirmation page, you can find the bonus code you can use.
    Write down the code, so you can use it when you visit the McDonald’s outlet later,

From this point, actually, you can leave the mcdvoice page and finish the survey.
However, on the confirmation page, you also can find the link to take the sweepstakes survey.

You can take the sweepstakes survey as well. This survey offers a chance to get $100 gift cards you can use at all McDonald’s outlet.


  • If you don’t have a survey code, click the link on the bottom of the image on the mcdvoice homepage,
  • On the next page, fill out the form with the information from your receipt.
    Here is what you need to write:

  1. Store# – fill it with a number on the top right corner of your receipt.
  2. KS# – fill it with a number on the top left of your receipt.
    You can easily find it because it’s written as KS number.
  3. Date of Visit – you can find it right on the right of KS number on your receipt.
  4. Time of Visit – you can find the time stamp next to the date of visit on your receipt.
  5. Order – it is just below the date of visit. This is the number of your order.
  6. Amount Spent – fill it with total price you paid when you receive the receipt.
    Make sure you fill it exactly like what written on the receipt, including the cents.

  • Then, you can click the “START” button to start the mcdvoice survey.
    The rest of the step is similar to the guide above.

You can’t use this survey to talk bad about certain McDonald’s outlet.
Therefore, you must answer it honestly and use it for good purpose.

How and When Can You Use the Code?

You must tell the staff at the McDonald’s outlet when you want to use the mcdvoice code.
That way you can receive the benefits or discount, from your code.

The code is only valid within 30 days after you acquire it from mcdvoice.
So, you need to use the code within that period, if you want to get the bonus from it.

Where Can I Use the Code from Survey?

You can only use the mcdvoice code at the outlet, where you got the receipt from.
So, if you want to eat and get the discount, make sure you visit the same places.

You also can’t sell the code to other people.
However, you can use it when you make a purchase with other people.

For example, you go eat with your friend at the outlet where you get the receipt.
Then, you can use the mcdvoice code when you pay you and your friend order.

How to Activate the Coupon Code?

When you want to make payment, use the code from the mcdvoice survey.
This will automatically give you the benefits that you want.


Basically, the mcdvoice survey is available for everyone that has the McDonald’s receipt.
So, do not hesitate to use it, after you eat at McDonald’s outlet and receive the receipt.

And, as long you have a stable internet connection, you can access and use mcdvoice survey.
That way, you can finish the survey without a problem.

If you have a problem when you access mcdvoice con, you can use this method:

  1. Enabling your cookies and clear the cache,
  2. Contact McDonald’s customer service. You can find it at McDonald’s official website,
  3. Use the Contact Page from the official website to contact customer service.
    Choose the General Inquiry option, and describe the problem that you have.
  4. Use the Restaurant Feedback form at McDonald’s official website.
  5. Call the McDonald’s customer service at 1-800-244-6227. They are available 24/7.

Hopefully, after you use all the methods above, you can solve your problem. Then, you can access and use the mcdvoice survey and get benefits from it. Do you have any question or experience about McDVoice? If yes please comment and share below.

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