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Mywm Payment Methods and Customer Reviews

Many consumers still don’t understand about MyWM payment methods. This is because the company doesn’t really specify what kind of payment is accepted on their platform.
The information regarding the payment methods is not mentioned on the company’s website. One needs to be Waste Management’s consumer first before they can find any payment information from the website.

Mywm Payment Methods

1. Credit Card
My WM credit card is the common payment method for Waste Management billing. Your credit card must be issued by Visa, Mastercard, or the other prominent credit card companies.
2. Debit Card
You also can use a MyWM debit card if you don’t like using credit cards. You also can set the debit card for auto payment.
3. Prepaid Card
Consumers can purchase mywmtotalrewards prepaid card and use it to pay their monthly bill. The prepaid card can also be used as a gift card.

mywm payment methods

Common Consumer Complaints

Waste Management is a reputable company with years of experience in the waste management industry. However, just like the other service companies, there are things that the consumers find disappointing.
Here are some of the most common consumer complaints for WM.
1. Double bill, especially when the consumer’s use Auto pay as their MyWM payment methods. Some consumers report they are billed twice since the system fails to detect the auto pay.
2. There are cases when the trash is not picked even when the reports say otherwise. Consumers need to contact the customer service to remind the company’s staff to pick up the trash.
3. The company rarely offers My WM total rewards benefits. Many loyal consumers hope the company can give benefits every once in a while as a sign of appreciation.
4. Some trucks accidentally dumped gravel and stones as they traveled. Even non-consumers complained about this issue.
5. Customer service is said to get progressively worse. It is difficult to contact the customer service agent by phone, and the virtual chat on the web is basically non-existent.
6. Some staff handle the trash bins roughly. As a result, the consumers’ bins are cracked and break easily.
7. Some consumers are charged differently even when they are using the same service. There are reports that consumers must pay three times what their neighbors pay, even when they are subscribing to the same service.
8. When the consumers order new bins, their cards are charged long before the bins arrive. As a matter of fact, many people complained about how the bins only arrived after several complaints.
9. Some staff are lazy. When they dropped something out of the trash bin, they refused to clean it, and just let the area look dirty.
10. The company often charges hidden fees to the consumers. The consumers feel the company should let them know if there are any changes in their monthly bill.
11. Some consumers report that WM can increase their rate suddenly, even when the consumers have signed a contract.

mywm payment methods

Mywm’s Solution for the Complaints

Consumers can contact the customer service via live chat or by phone. The live chat agent is available from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:50 PM US Central time.
The live chat agent is very helpful. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get a hold of them.
According to reports, it took quite some time for the company to address consumers’ issues. But once they come to the site, the technicians can do their job excellently.


To provide solutions for the consumers, the customer service agent needs detailed information from the consumers. Make sure to prepare all the necessary information, especially if your complaints are related to MyWM payment methods. Do you have any question or experience about MyWM Payment Methods? If yes please comment and share below.

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