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The Ultimate Guide to Patreon Payment Methods for Creators

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Patreon Payment Methods Reviews

You should know a few crucial things before using Patreon payment methods. We will give you some of them below. 

Patreon Payment Methods Reviews and Solutions

Failed or Declined Payment 

Go to the user menu on the top-right of your profile avatar. Click the manage membership and the retry link. Find the add new payment method button and click it. Choose a new payment method and complete the form. Click the retry payment button 

Credit Card Declines

Go to your bank if you are facing Patreon credit card declines. Your bank customer service will give information and assistance to solve this problem. Ensure that the bank has solved the problem and retry your payment.  

PayPal Declines 

Contact PayPal’s support team if your Patreon PayPal is declined. The PayPal team will check your account to ensure the decline reason. They will help you to fix the problem, so you can retry your payment.  

Patreon App Doesn’t Work 

Sign out of your Patreon app. Then, uninstall the app. Restart your phone and wait until it is back online. Now, reinstall the Patreon app on your phone. Try to retry your payment. 

You Can’t Use Your Prepaid Card 

The truth is that Patreon prepaid cards are unavailable. It is because Patreon doesn’t accept prepaid cards. You can use other Patreon payment methods to pay your bill. Nowadays, Patreon only accepts credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. 

patreon payment methods

You Can’t Use Patreon Gift Card 

Patreon gift card is unavailable. This company doesn’t accept prepaid cards and gift cards. You can use other payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Users can also pay their bills using Mastercard, Visa, Discover Amex, and Diners Club cards. It helps to answer does Patreon accept gift cards. 

Patreon App Doesn’t Work on iOS Devices

Uninstall the Patreon app and restart your iOS device. Wait until your device is online and reinstall the Patreon app. Ensure that the process is complete and you are using the latest app version. Try to retry your online payment. 

Can’t Launch the Official Website 

Check your browser update. Update your browser if the latest version is available. Refresh and relaunch the official website. Remove or disable any add-ons or log in using an incognito browser are also alternatives you can do. 

Can’t Pay Using Google and Apple Pay 

So far, Patreon doesn’t accept Google Pay and Apple Pay. That’s why there is no Patreon Google pay or even Patreon Apple pay. Instead of using these two methods, you can pay your bill using a credit card, debit card, and PayPal. It is another explanation after learning does Patreon accept prepaid cards.  

Can’t Use Your Credit Card without Any Specific Reason 

Check your credit card information. You can’t use your credit card to pay your bill with Patreon may be because it is expired. Go to your bank and update your credit card. Retry to pay your bill. 

Can’t Pay Your Bill Using Your Bank Account 

Some customers also complain that they can’t use their bank accounts to pay their bills on Patreon. It often happens because your bank has blocked the transaction. Go to the bank and explain your problem. 

Can’t Pay even After Updating the Cards 

You have to check anything related to the card, including the funds. Indeed, you can’t pay even after updating the cards if there is no money on them. Check the fund and refund to activate the card. 

patreon payment methods

Unclear Declines

You may not know why your payment on Patreon is declined. If so, go to your bank or PayPal and explain your problem. Customer support will guide you to solve the problem. Try to use your Patreon once they fix the problem. 

PayPal Dispute 

You need to add a new funding source if you have filled a PayPal dispute for Patreon in the past. It keeps your PayPal active and available for Patreon Payment. 


If you have problem like Declined Membership Payments, make sure that you are updating your Patreon payment methods. Refund also your wallet. Wait until you receive a confirmation email to retry the payment process.   

Do you have any specific questions or experience about Patreon payment options? If yes please comment and share below.

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