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Lowes Credit Card Phone Number – 15 Complaints and Solutions

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Lowes Credit Card

Lowes credit card gives you easiness and benefits to buy important supplies for home and business improvement.

At the same time, there is a case that you want to inform something especially about your problems while using the credit card.

Calling the lowes credit card phone number is the best solution so your problems will be handled by the expert.

15 Complaints and Solutions of Lowes Credit Card

1. Lowes is offering special deal in which if the users are able to pay during the promotional period they don’t need to pay for the interest. In fact, some of the users still pay the interest

– The best way to solve this problem is consult it with the customer support. Just call 1-800-445-6937 and explain your problem clearly so they can solve the problem.

2. There is a problem while using Lowes credit card through discount tire program. It seems there is a problem on the bank synchronicity

-You have to call the lowes phone number and explain about your problem. Later, you will be connected to the supervisor or manager to solve the problem.

3. Some lowes credit card users are not receiving notification

– Let the customer service know the problem and check your email whether you get the notification or not.

4. Some credit card users were complaining about inconsistency in the discount price promotion

– You should check the lowe’s customer credit term and the condition first and make sure that you have following them. If it is so, you may contact and explain about it to the customer service.

lowes credit card phone number

5. Some of credit card users don’t get refund

– Just wait for 15 days for paper check and get the refund. If you still not receive the refund, call the customer service to check this problem.

6. The credit card is closed although the users pay the credit card perfectly

– Call the customer service so they can check the system and your credit card.

7. Inconsistency with 6 months interest free

– You must read the term, condition, and policy carefully then let the customer service check your problem.

8. Rebate visa debit card is declined

– Read the requirement and term carefully to make sure that you use the card right away. If it is so, you may call the customer service.

9. Lower credit because pending payment

– You just have to explain to the customer service if it is your mistake.

lowes credit card

10. No email address to contact

– Just go to the official website lowes.com and get all the contacts there including the customer service’s phone number.

11. Lowering credit limit without any notification

– Just ask the clear explanation to the customer service about the reason.

12. Problem with credit card fees

– Find out the reason of the fee whether it is the mistake of the system or yourself.

13. Credit card service with no interest issues

– Just make sure that you get information from the Lowes so you know the right information.

14. Closed credit card account

– Call the customer service by mentioning your lowes credit card number and asking the reason why they close your credit card account and fix it.

15. Bad attitude of the customer service

– You have to go to the Lowes and explain it to the manager or supervisor.

The point is that you can just call lowes credit card phone number or lowes credit center anytime you need a help or you have serious problems related to your lowes credit card.

If you are a Lowes employee, you can see information about your Lowes credit card at LowesNet portal.

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