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15 OneVanilla Reviews, Complaints and Solutions

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OneVanilla Reviews

Are you interested in trying OneVanilla prepaid card?

Before you purchase it, you may need to read the OneVanilla reviews from several users below, so you will get the insight about what you can get from this card.

15 Reviews, Complaints and Solutions

1. Can’t Change the ZIP Code

This user can’t change the ZIP code, because this user can’t find the EDIT button on their account at the OneVanilla website.

Actually, it can be solved easily, by calling the Customer Care number on the back of the card, and they will help you with it.

2. The Card Doesn’t Work

The user can’t use the card, even though this user had loaded it with the fund.

This can be solved by calling Customer Care number and give it the identity proof to get the OneVanilla replacement.

3. Money Isn’t Refunded

This user card isn’t refunded, although he/she purchase it with specific price.

The solution is asking full refund from the Customer Car.

4. Money is Used without Permission

The money in OneVanilla card of this user is used by some company called BAM software.

The solution is disputing the problem and asks for full refund.

5. Server Down

The server of the website is down, so the user can’t check the balance in their card.

This rarely happens, but if you experience this problem, you may need to wait for few minutes until it back to normal.

onevanilla review

6. Unwanted Purchase

This user purchase card with $400 balance, and when he/she use only $15, the rest of it is disappeared and it said that some company take it.

This is difficult problem, so the only solution is dispute with the related company and asks Customer Care for refund.

7. $500 Problem

This user is also suddenly losing $500 balance in his/her new purchased OneVanilla card, even though this user didn’t use it at all.

The solution is asking for card replacement and refund from the service provider.

8. Misplace the OneVanilla Card as Gift Card

This user misplaced her card as Christmas gift, which means she loses that card.

However, this problem can be solved by asking Customer Care, which will give her replacement card for her old card.

9. Visa Logo Problem

This user can’t use OneVanilla card on the merchant with Visa logo, such as gas station, online store and other.

The solution is asking for full refund or stop using this card.

10. Gift Card Problem

This user has problem when he receives OneVanilla gift card, and apparently, all fund inside the card has been spent. Asking Customer Care will only give him eternal circle of nonsensical answer, so he should ask for replacement card for this problem.

11. Customer Care Problem

When this user reports for losing his card, the Customer Care can’t give right solution.

The solution is difficult, because it depends on the person on Customer Care team.

12. Problem with Gift Card

This user receive card for the 3rd time and still can’t use it.

The solution is asking for OneVanilla card replacement from the company.

13. Good Response

This one has experiences satisfying help from Customer Care when he loses the data when he accidentally reset his computer.

He gets the information back and can use the OneVanilla.

14. Google Play and Spotify Problem

OneVanilla card can’t be used on Google Play and Spotify.

The solution is purchasing from other places.

15. Fake Website

This user can’t enter the data when access the website, which apparently, it’s fake website.

The solution is using good security software to make sure you won’t lead to this fake website.

Official website is