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7 Affordable Lower Rates and Fast Claim Car Insurance

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Nowadays, you can easily find car insurance website and get car insurance quotes from there.
It helps you to know the product detail, so you can choose the best car insurance.

However, you can’t depend solely on auto insurance quotes to get the best product.
You also need to know the rates, claim and other factors to choose the product.

For that reason, we have a list of the most affordable car insurance below.
They also offer fast claim process to ease your mind whenever you want to get your rights.

7 Affordable Lower Rates and Fast Claim Car Insurance

One more important thing, all car insurance we have listed here has under $1,500 annual rate.
They are the best solution for you who want to save budget for car insurance.

1. Erie Car Insurance

Erie car insurance offers the lowest annual rate among the other seven car insurances.
You just need to pay for $1,052 annual rate for their coverage service.

Erie insurance isn’t the biggest car insurance company in the state.
It places the 13th position in the states and is only available in 9 states.

However, this company’s rate beat the average US car insurance rate by 28%.
Moreover, it got a “superior” class for its financial strength from A.M. Best rating agency.

The “superior” class for financial strength has a strong relation to its ability to process the claim.
It means Erie car insurance capable of providing the fastest claim for their clients.

2. GEICO Car Insurance

GEICO car insurance is the second-lowest annual car insurance rate at $1,067 a year.
Moreover, this company is also the second-largest car insurance companies in the US.

You can find their service in every state in the US.
However, if you live in New York or Utah, you can get a 50% discount rate.

Car Insurance

They also got a “Superior” rating for the claim process.
We can easily say it as one of the best auto insurance companies for all car owners.

And, you must know one more important thing.
GEICO is the second-largest car insurance company in the US.

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3. American Family

Maybe, you never heard about American Family car insurance company or their car insurance.
However, they provide their service in more than 1,000 cities across the US.

We place it in the third position because they also have one of the lowest annual rates.
American Family offers only $1,099 annual rate for their car insurance product.

The annual rate is 14% lower than the average rate of the states.
As for car owner in Washington and Colorado, they get more affordable car insurance.

A car owner in Washington will get 32% lower annual rate than Washington’s average.
And, Colorado’s car owner will enjoy 29% lower annual rate than the state average.

A.M Best rating agency gives this car insurance company an “Excellent” rating.
It’s not as high as “Superior”, but it is still an amazing rating for the claim processing.

4. Auto Owners

Auto Owners’ annual rate is only $1,201 a year.
You can easily find this company as one of the best recommendation in car insurance quotes online.

This company has an office in only 26 states in the US.
However, they have around 100 claim offices in the states where they operate their business.

Car Insurance

Their clients can easily process their claim with that many claim offices.
They also get a “Superior” rating from A.M Best, which means they have a good claim record.

5. Progressive

Progressive offers one of the cheap car insurance offers you can find in the US.
Their car insurance annual rate is only $1,241, which is lower than average.

Moreover, Progressive also is available in 32 states across the country.
And, it also has the rideshare feature for the company that uses the car in those areas.

According to J.D. Power, they have fairly a good customer service, especially the claim service.
Moreover, the A.M. Best also gives this company a “Superior” rating for its financial power.

In short, Progressive has the capability in providing satisfying claim process for their client.
But, we never said that this auto insurance provider is the fastest in finishing the claim.

6. Farmers

The next one is the Farmers.
This company has $1,249 annual rate, and make it stay on the 6th position of our list.

Farmers’ car insurance is also well-known for their low quote policy costs.
For the minimum threshold, we get it for only $95, the only company that doesn’t exceed $100.

Farmers provide their service in all 50 states in this country.
So, every car owner can get the best auto insurance wherever they live.

Car Insurance

This company also got “Excellent” rating from A.M. Best.
This financial strength rating shows you how this company capable of providing satisfying claims service.

Moreover, this company also has a special mobile app for claim purpose.
That means the client can easily issue a claim for the car insurance from this company.

7. State Farm

This is the biggest car insurance company in the US.
They have many branches which allow you to get their car insurance easily.

The annual rate is the most expensive among the other company on our list.
Every year, you need to prepare $1,372 for its minimum service.

As the biggest company with a wide network, you can find them in all states in the US.
However, this company only scores a mediocre rating for its claim service.

They don’t have quite satisfying claim service.
However, it offers many discounts for its car insurance product, which can be the best budget solution.

The Bottom Lines

Those are the seven car insurance companies with the best car insurance annual rate.
However, you can’t just choose the company based on our list.

Car Insurance

Our list is only for reference to find out the car insurance annual rate from those companies.
Plus, you also get information about their other service, especially the claim.

You still need to consider other things to get the best car insurance product.
For example:

1. The location where you live

Compare the average annual rate of the state where you live with the company annual state.
This will give you a clear image of how much budget you need to prepare.

And, you can’t apply for auto insurance from other states, which can cost you more.
Always use the local company for a better and lower rate.

2. Claim rating

Always see the claims rating of each auto insurance company out there.
A company with a better claim rating means you can get your rights easily.

Read the review from other car owners to compare car insurance offers that you need.
You will get a great reference by using these two sources.

3. Your Car

The auto insurance company also looks at your car before deciding the rate.
You get the better annual rate with a car in good condition, just like credit card.

Or, you also can install extra feature to get more plus point from the company.
For example, install some security system for lower safety coverage cost.

Now, you are ready to choose the auto insurance product.
Do not hesitate to compare car insurance quotes and use our list to find what you want.

So, get the best car insurance that you need right now.
Use our list and find the best protection for your car and wallet.