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10 Accredited and Affordable Online Colleges

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Online colleges become a tren from 2015 to 2016 and it becomes more popular today.
Let say, based on federal data, there are over 6.3 million students took at least one online course.

The reason to take an online college is that the students can study without confusing about distance.
Even, some of the online students live within 50 miles from their campus.

Moreover, online colleges offer more affordable in-state tuition.

Online Colleges List

Check the list of the accredited online colleges below if you have an intention to continue your study.

1. American Public University System

This university is located in Charles Town and it has HLC and DEAC certifications.
There are so many majors you can choose for an online study.

One of the programs you can take is a business administration degree online program.
The program covers a variety of subjects including analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, general, and many more.

You just need to pay the annual tuition for about $6.880 for undergraduate.
If you are following the graduate program, you just need to pay for about $6.600.

2. Abraham Lincoln University

Abraham Lincoln University is located in Los Angeles, California.
It is a perfect university for students who want to continue their study by taking an online business degree.

This university has a Master of Business Administration Degree or MBA.
You can also apply for associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, doctoral, and diploma.

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There are also some majors you can apply such as criminal justice, law, legal, and paralegal.
Total of the program available in this university is 11 programs.

You can apply as an online student for all of the programs.
The annual tuition you have paid is only $7.500.

3. Baker College Online

This is the place for those who are looking for a private and non-profit online school.
This university has achieved HLC accreditation.

If you want to continue a study in accounting, you can take an online accounting degree and take the Bachelor’s degree.

At least, this online college has 33 Bachelor’s Degree majors.
Those majors are including computer science, human resource management, information system, and business administration.

The in-state annual tuition for undergraduate students is only $9.360.
For the annual tuition for graduate students is $12.510.

4. Ashford University

Ashford University is one of the affordable online colleges for Bachelor’s Degree seekers.
The university is located in San Diego, California.

The students can choose one of 74 Bachelor’s Degrees including online marketing degree.
The other programs you can take are education studies, entrepreneurship, environmental studies, finance, and many more.

To achieve your Bachelor’s Degree, you just have to pay in-state annual tuition for about $10.632 to $13.400.
For more information, you can check

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5. Calvary University

Calvary University is also a private and non-profit university.
This university has two accreditations which are HLC and ABHE.

Calvary University covers all degrees for the online course from the Associate, Bachelor’s, Master and Certificate.
There a variety of majors you can choose here including Bible and Theology, Music, and Biblical Counseling.

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Just spend for about $11.152 per year if you are following the undergraduate program.
If you are following the graduate program, you just have to pay for $7.932.

6. Chicago School of Professional Psychology Online

This online college is one of the perfect colleges for achieving your online psychology degree.
You are about to continue a study in a collage that achieved HLC, WSCUC and WASC accreditations.

This is a private and non-profit college where you can choose a variety of majors in psychology.
The majors are including business psychology, child and adolescent, international psychology, and instructional design certificate.

This online college only charges $13.530 per year for undergraduate students.
You have to pay around $28.927 if you are a graduate student.

You can check the information about this college by visiting
This university has over 20 online degrees you can achieve.

7. Capella University

Capella University is an interesting and affordable university for online students.
This university has up to 84 MBA programs and some of them are included in the online MBA programs.

The MBA programs you can take are including accounting and finance, business general, entrepreneurship, and many more.
This university also has 32 Bachelor’s Degrees, 75 Doctoral Degrees, and 41 Certificate and Diplomas.

The in-state tuition for the undergraduate programs is $14.250 whereas for the graduate program is $14.842.
There are over 20 online degrees you can choose including business management degree online.

One thing you consider is that it is a private and for-profit university.
Unfortunately, it is a non-profit but it offers affordable annual tuition for the students.

8. CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Unlike some of the reference above, this online college is a public school.
Moreover, it is also a non-profit school for criminal justice students.

This is one of the affordable accredited online collages along with MSCHE accreditation.
There are only three degrees in this college which are Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and Certificate.

You can choose to study science in security management, Master of Art, master of public administration, or criminal investigation here.
The in-state annual tuition for the undergraduate is only $14.460 whereas the graduate is $19.762.

9. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

It is one of the great online universities for those who want to achieve Master’s, Doctoral, and Certificate.
There are up to 30 majors you can choose at this online college.

Those majors are including nursing practice, autism spectrum disorders, art education, and many more.

This online public and non-profit college have received MSCHE accreditation.
The undergraduate tuition is only $14.668 whereas for the graduate is only $16.980.

10. Johnson University

For those who want to learn more about bible and Christianity, you can take an online course at Johnson University.
This university has all you need from the Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, and Certificate.

The majors are including Biblical studies, applied linguistics, leadership studies, and Christian Ministries.
You might take scholarships for graduate students here.

The tuition for the undergraduate is only $14.920 whereas for the graduate is only $8.850.
This is one of recommended private and non-profit online colleges you can apply.

The Chance to Apply for Federal Student Loans

You can also apply for Federal student loans for a more affordable in-state annual tuition.
Before that, you must complete the requirement.

you have to apply for Federal Loans by completing and submitting the FAFSA student loans.
It is a free application for Federal Student Aid.

Then, you just need to wait for the approval to get the loan.

During the approval, you also need to complete the entrance counseling.
You also have to sign a master promissory note.

The entrance counseling is to make sure that you understand your obligation.
The master promissory note is used to make sure that you agree with the term of the loan.

The amount of student loans you can earn is various.
If you are an undergraduate student, you might earn around $5.500 to $12.500 per year.

online colleges

For those who are a graduate or professional student, you can borrow up to $20.500 per year.
You don’t need t worry because it is a fixed student loan program.

The purpose of the college financial aid is to help students who want to continue their study.
The Federal government will help those students by borrowing some amount of money.

It is also flexible repayment plans along with some payment options that suitable for your financial condition.


Online colleges are a great option for those who want to continue study but you have a regular job.
You can study anywhere and anytime without disturbing your job.

This is also an alternative for students who are looking for an affordable university.
If you need more money to continue your study, you can apply for a federal loan program.

There are 10 accredited and affordable online collages above.
You can choose one of the best universities.

All of them offering affordable in-state tuition.
The cost is less than $25.000 whether you are following the undergraduate or graduate program.

Each of the universities also offers a variety of majors.
You can learn about business, entrepreneurship, psychology, justice, and many more.

That’s why it is very important to know your interest first.
Then, decide which one of the colleges that will accept you.

When it is done, you can start to consider the best way to study and pay the in-state annual tuition.
You may pay the tuition from your salary.

If you can’t afford the annual tuition, there is still an alternative where you can take a federal loan program.

Just choose it based on the degree you want to achieve, major, and the range of the annual tuition.
By considering all the aspects, you can continue your study maximally.

The point is that you have to pass through all the requirements.
It is a must to visit the official website of the college before registering as a student.

If it is necessary, go to the university to ask everything you need to know.
It helps you be a student easier and study comfortably.

As a result, you can use online colleges as the best way to achieve your degree.
Then, you can use the degree to get a better career or a better future.