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15 Popular Reviews for WM.Com

You should know about the performance of my wm total rewards service before using it.
Here, there are several reviews, complaints, and solutions you can read.

By reading the information below you can make sure whether you want to join the Waste Management program or not.

1. Inconsistent Waste Pickup Time

One of the problems which commonly happen is the inconsistency in picking up the waste.
It seems that some of the users are unsatisfied with the regular waste pickup.

One of the users even said that his waste wasn’t taken by the service for 2 weeks.
Mywmtotalrewards service is trying to solve this problem by developing a specific system.

The system provides the users with the schedules including the date and the time to pick up the waste.

If there is still a problem with the waste pickup time, you can just call the customer support.
Consult the problem to the customer support and let them help you to solve it.

my wm total rewards

2. Working at Waste Management Company

Some people really love to work at the Waste Management Company.
One of the workers said that he loves it because he enjoys operates dozers and excavators.

They also get a new experience every day so they can improve their skill regularly.
The problem is that it seems that the request is too many and sometimes they can handle it.
They just try to work for the best to clean all the waste.

3. Nice Team

People love to use the Waste Management Company because of its nice team.
The team is always nice and they work just like their jobs.

They will explain everything clearly and briefly.
As the result, the waste can be removed quickly.

4. Transparent

When you join the Waste Management service, you have to pay some charges.
The good news is that the charges are mentioned transparently.

You know everything you have to pay and the services and facilities you get from it.

Watch the video below How Recycling Works

5. Great Service

Waste Management service is offering several interesting services.
The services are great and the teams do their jobs perfectly.

6. A Truly Garbage Company

People really love to use wm total rewards because of its services and facilities.
This is the reason why most of the users said that the Waste Management company is truly a garbage company.

7. Long Lasting Customers

Due to the great performance of my wm total rewards service, the users become a loyal customer.
They use regular waste management services.

Even, some of them have been used the services for 10 years and still ongoing.

8. Overage Charge

Some users seem unsatisfied with the overage charge.
It seems that the charge is inconsistent with the agreement.

The good news is that they still explain the charge transparently.
They also give better Waste Management plans for the users.

Watch the video below Recycling 101 at Work

9. Problem with the Online Portal

The Waste Management company is offering a registration via email and official website.
It seems that the users are unsatisfied with this service.

The respond is too long for them.
The users are invited to go to the office or make a call for a better response.

10. Inconsistent Services

Some users are using the services from the direct promotion.
They are unhappy with the earlier service, especially with the price they have to pay.

The users can go to the office or send their complaints via email.

11. Expensive Cost for Small Business

The Waste Management company is ready to handle waste for small businesses.
Too bad, some of the small business owners think that the cost is too expensive for them.

The users can go to the office or check the cost and the services they get in the official website.

12. Missed Waste Pickup

Some of the users are following the regular waste pickup service.
The problem is that they don’t get it.

They said that the waste pickup missed to pick the waste up to 2 weeks.
The users are able to log in to their account and contact the customer support.

13. Bad Trash Men

One of the users are complaining about the bad attitude of the trash men.
He said that the trash men throw the trash onto the street.

The users can make a report to the customer support by giving the detail information about the trash men.


14. Terrible Customer Support

One of the users said that he had a terrible experience with the customer support.
He wanted to stop the service through mywmtotalrewards login because after activating the service,
there is no pickup came there.

If it is hard to check the program from the official website, the users are able to go to the WM Headquarters in Houston, Texas.

15. Raise the Cost Too Fast

One of the users also complaint about the cost of my wm total rewards.
The cost was great for the first time but it raised in only four months.

It seems that waste management total rewards service is too fast and too expensive for him.
The users can ask the clear information to the customer support via email or WM personal account.