How to Ask for a Raise

7 Proven Tips How to Ask for a Raise

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How to Ask for a Raise

The lowesnet has become an important thing for all Lowe’s employee.
They can use this portal to find out about schedule, announcement and the most important one, their paycheck.

Speaking about the paycheck, have you ever planned to ask for raise?
This is normal because asking for a raise is the workman’s compensation.

Now, the problem is how to ask the raise.
If you make the wrong move, in the worst case, they will find employees to replace you.

But, you don’t need to worry about what your company does, if you know how to do it.

Below, we have 7 effective and proven methods of how to ask for a raise to your boss.

1. 5W1H

When you ask for a rise, you need to pay attention to 5W1H.
It’s “Why,” “Who,” “When,” “Where,” and “How Much”.

How to Ask for a Raise

Why” – You ask for a raise to boost your career, give yourself a reward and many more.

Let’s say if you work at a company that sells business phone systems or voip phone service for business in new york city.
You and your spouse then have to fulfill one or more needs such as:

– The cost of raising a child

– Paying children’s school fees

– Protect yourself with life insurance

– Protect vehicles with auto insurance or car insurance

– Protect property such as home insurance or renters insurance

– Get a student loan refinance

– Pay the cost of an online colleges

– Pay the cost of an online business degree

– Pay the cost of an online MBA programs

– Pay the cost of an online accounting degree

– Pay the cost of an online finance degree

– Pay the cost of an online human resources degree

– Pay the cost of an online psychology degree

– Pay the cost of an online doctoral programs in education

– And more

Ask yourself to know more about the reason, like it’s a workers comp.

Who” – If you acquire a lot of achievement, such as pass human resources training, then you have right for a raise.
When” – There are FOUR best times to ask for a raise, such as:

1.   After you finish a major project.
2.   When you have to take other people job or position.
      For example, you take the human resources certification test for your company.
3.  3 months before annual review.
4.  After you make good achievements. 

     For example, mastering your skill and knowledge with taking online certificate courses, online bachelor’s degree, online, universities or online colleges.

Where” – Make it official by asking it at your office and at office hour.

How Much” – Let’s say 10%-20% raise is a good deal.

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2. Prepare Yourself

You must prepare and understand these 5 important things:
1. How you affect the company – the bigger your effect on the company, the better chance you get the raise.
2. The goal – you can’t ask for a raise just to pay your lowes credit card bills.
Set the goal that matches with the company or your boss interest.
3. Speech practice – make sure you don’t say the wrong word when you face your boss.
4. Clothing – choose one that makes you feel confident.
5. Market data – find information about the salary in your field.
Use human resources software, job posting site or free job posting if needed to get the best comparison.

3. Act and Ask Correctly

Asking for a raise doesn’t mean you ask the raise just like that.
You need to make a nice flow of conversation before you say the Money word.

Start a conversation with serious talk about your company and slowly put your achievement into it.
Then, when it feels comfortable, you can start to talk about the Money.

Of course, you should conduct a polite and respect act in front of your boss.
However, you need to show that you are an important part of your company, for better success chance.

How to Ask for a Raise

4. How Much Percentage Should I Ask

It depends on two things. If you’ve been asked for a raise, like 20%, you can ask more for an extra 5%.
However, normally, you can ask for 10%-20% of your annual income.

Just remember, do not force yourself to ask more than it should be.
Asking for double amount of salary will make you get fired and use job posting sites again.

5. Use Best Negotiation Method

The method you’re using will affect on the chance you will get the raise.
Here are three important methods you can use:
1. Ask exact numbers – it means you’ve done the research, so the company doesn’t need to use hr management software to calculate. Do not ask for the price range, and always ask a higher number, because they will negotiate for a lower number.
2. Use email – you can only use it at the beginning of your employment.
Use the polite word and add your achievement, such as human resources degree.
3. Be a good listener – listen to your boss when they say their response or even excuse.
You can get a lot of information you can use from that.

6. How to Respond the Answer

After you say what you have to say, you will get the answer.
Now, you need to give correct responses for the best result.

For you who ask for 100% raise, actually, that’s too much for what you should ask.
Do not expect a good answer from that.

However, if the company compile by lowering it to 50%, you should take it gratefully.
You are very lucky to get a 50% raise.

Usually, your company has used their hris systems to calculate it.
So, you don’t need to feel bad about the answer.

You also keep your confidence, whether you get the raise or not.
It shows your value in front of your boss, which will be useful in the future.

Watch this video below how to ask for a raise salary

7. If You Got Rejected…

You don’t want to get this result. But, if you get it, here is what you should do:

– Do not panic,
– Keep your dignity,
– Use the workmans comp and prepare yourself to find other jobs.


Now, you should know how to ask for a raise.
Make sure you follow all tips above, in order to get the best result like what you want.

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