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OnlyFans Prepaid Card – Can I Use It?

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Onlyfans Prepaid Card

In this article we will talk about Onlyfans prepaid card. So what is Only fans? Onlyfans is a subscription based content platform where creators are able to set a monthly subscription fee for access to their content.

The Content creators can make money from users who subscribe to their content and their subscribers have to pay $4.99–$49.99 per month for content with a monthly subscription.

Creators use it to share all kinds of stuff such as food and fashion bloggers use it to monetize their recipes and fashion posts, trainers use it to share workouts and offer somewhat personalized exercise and training plans.

You can scroll through the available accounts and you’ll find artists, musicians, dancers, and more with content available for a monthly fee. This is a good way to make additional income.

Why onlyfans users are growing very fast?

1. Many celebrities like Cardi B, Tyga join here and earn lots money from onlyfans.
2. Onlyfans grows quickly because they sell adult content that other social media platforms don’t.

onlyfans prepaid card

How do I register onlyfans?

1. Open a browser and in the web address bar type in
2. It will take you to the official of
3. There are 3 ways to sign up, you can use your twitter account, you can use your google account
or you can use your any other email to create account in
4. Here I’m going to show you to create your account in onlyfans using google account.
5. Click or tap on sign up or login with google.
6. Now it has taken us to google sign in page, so here you have to enter your gmail account and click on next.
7. Now enter the password of your google account and click next.
8. And this is all that you have to do if you sign up using your google account or twitter account.
9. If you sign up with your email id instead of google or twitter acoount you will have to do another
one two more steps.

Onlyfans Payment Methods

How to add payment method using credit card to onlyfans account?

1. Login to your onlyfans account.
2. In the home screen look at the right bottom menu, tap or click on the circle button and
you will see a drop down menu.
3. Click Your cards menu and you will see screen payment pops up and in order to add payment method
click Add a payment card button or Add card button.
4. In the Add Card screen pops up input your billing address such as street, city, state, zip code and country.
5. And then input your 16 digits of your credit card number, expiration date and 3 digit security code or cvc and you have.
to confirm that you are above 18 years old in order to add payment method.
6. Onlyfans will make a one-time charge of $0.10 when adding your payment card. The charges on your credit card statement will appear as “Onlyfans”.
7. Click on Submit button and in the Payment screen pops up you will see a new payment method such as Matercard or Visa.

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Can You Use Paypal On Onlyfans?

Yes, if you are a content creator. You can use paypal cash card to receive payment. No, if you are a subscriber. You can not use paypal account as a payment method.

How to verify card on onlyfans?

It’s so easy, after you typing credit card or debit card then you will be prompted by either: “Verified by Visa” or “Mastercard Secure Code” to confirm your purchase with additional temporary verification code or SMS code.

How to pay for onlyfans without credit card

If you don’t have a credit card there is another option you can pay Onlyfans with debit card.

Can I use a prepaid card for onlyfans?

Yes on OnlyFans several prepaid cards will work. OnlyFans acknowledges just cards with secure 3D validation. 3D validation offers an extra layer of insurance for card installments.

OnlyFans accept very few prepaid visa fees. Debit cards, credit cards (like Visa, Mastercard, and Discover), or Maestro cards can be included.

Does netspend work with OnlyFans?

Yes, Onlyfans accept Netspend Visa to make payment.

Can you pay OnlyFans with Venmo?

Yes, Onlyfans also accept Venmo to make payment.

What is the average onlyfans subscription price?

The average onlyfans subscription price is $5 per month but some top creators increasing their price.

How to log out of onlyfans?

Once you Logging In, select Home menu and you can select Log Out. That’s it.

how to log out of onlyfans

Will OnlyFans show up on my bank statement?

Yes all of your transaction will be show up on your bank statement as “Onlyfans”.

Can you use a Vanilla Visa gift card on Onlyfans?

Indeed, Vanilla Visa gift voucher deals with OnlyFans for installment and different exchanges.
You can purchase a Vanilla Visa gift voucher from local store near you.

Does Onlyfans take gift cards? or What prepaid gift cards work with OnlyFans?

The OnlyFans payments do not support gift cards, balancenow, PayPal, wallet payments, and other cards.

Can I use mobile wallets for Onlyfans?

OnlyFans does not currently make payments from mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or GooglePay.

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Why won’t Onlyfans accept my card?

It does work. It might be because of some issue with your credit card or prepaid card.
In my experience, I have to call the bank to activate my Internet session,
and then it works fine for any website of my choice.

Why did Onlyfans reject my credit card?

So assuming your card is rejected then there is nothing to stress, you should talk to the customer care support of OnlyFans. They will help you in this matter and soon you will be able to buy the subscription of Onlyfans.

How to cancel Onlyfans subscriptions?

1. Log into your Onlyfans account.
2. Go to Subsciptions menu.
3. Click the active creator.
4. Click Subscribed.
4. Click Unsubscribed.


For now you can use payment method with prepaid visa fees. Payment method such as Debit cards, credit cards (like Visa, Mastercard, and Discover), or Maestro cards can be included.

Onlyfans is a fast growing company and I think they will change their policy to accept more payment methods in the future. So stay tune in this article.

Do you have any specific questions or experience about Onlyfans Prepaid Card? If yes please comment and share below.

Watch this video tutorial below How to Get Free Onlyfans Subscription Without Paying.